Friday, July 29, 2016

The French Mutton Mannequins

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to explain something in the "False Flags" as  all of these MOGs and the desperate for attention, keep stating everything from Hillary Clinton taking a shit to Nice France is a false flag.

Use some common sense and realize that in a real flag operation in the John Kennedy Assassination that over 100 people were murdered to tie up loose ends, because people will never keep their mouths shut.
In the age of the internet and selfies, there is not any way that the extent of the "false flags" being promoted could ever take place. So the question is, how is this happening and how could it happen.

I do not have the resources to watch Gaytube links, but here is one, and I will point out things which are common sense as I am aware enough of the CIA and their branches to know what Mockingbird and the nestlings are capable of.

Solid Evidence NICE, FRANCE Was A False Flag 

Now picture in your mind a world where deception is part of the societal breakdown, to make people not trust their governments any more, and deceptions allow the cartel to hide their major crimes like 9 11. We know from Mockingbird, that deliberate deceptions in "conspiracy" authors were funded after the JFK assassination to hide the real murderers in a real conspiracy which framed the American for blackmail.

So how hard is it for intelligence service owned and operated media, to create staged photos, pop up some "crisis actors" and in the normal 10 humans will tell 50 different stories at a crime scene, how difficult it is for a MOG or someone rather ignorant to bite on planted information, and then start telling the world, "FALSE FLAG BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE THE BODIES WERE PLASTIC".

Not so difficult when there are computer programs which can make Michelle Obama's ass small in live feed. It is simple to create a photo of anything people want from Birther Obama's birth abstract to a dead bin Laden.

What the "false flags" are, are taking a real event and sowing it with additional discrepancies, so to so overload the human mind, that they simply shut down. There was a time when there would be 4 events in a decade as in JFK, RFK, MLK and Helter Skelter, but in this age we are subjected to a non stop parade of thinks to shock to deaden the senses and a new charge of crying wolf, so people stop listening for the warnings which are obvious.

Seriously, Nice France on Bastille Day, with tourists and celebrators on a public venue is where plastic dummies are going to be laid out and not one person is going to notice this? Common sense informs you, that anything which did not add up, was deliberately added in order to feed this mind deadening propaganda.

Why can it not be, "Yes I noticed that the bodies did not appear real in some instances, so the question is, "Who is trying to manipulate us", instead of something of, "Yes I reviewed the photos and the bodies are mannequins, so this is a false flag., without explaining in a world of endless selfies there was not one iphone photo of French police laying out bodies or one person posting on Facebook saying something odd was taking place?

Common sense will tell you things are bullshit, but all of our meters have been so fried, that we are breaking down to what Tavistock is implementing in "Trust no one as no one is safe", which leads to complete societal breakdown or people so zombie they stand there without running and end up murdered.

 You do not have know every detail or be addicted to every story to rush to as someone tries to grab attention. It should be enough to listen to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in simply mistrust your regimes as they never have your good at heart, and Ronald Reagan's maxim of "Trust but verify".

Skepticism of even this blog is a good thing, as it makes you think. If the best that can be deducted is "tin foil hat charges" it solves nothing, but adds to the Mockingbird scheme of deception.

The world is not going to end if you do not have an opinion on something in 3 seconds. You do not have to type a comment without information or your life will end. Look things over, talk things over with God and in time you will come to the correct conclusions. There are some Spiritual questions I had with God, which required a decade to find the answer to as I did not have the other answers for the end question to be answered.

Always ask the infuriating Socrates method of not screaming at people for links, for proofs, for their doing your thinking for you, but instead always ask yourself WHY, and then keep asking yourself why to your conclusions and answers, as you gain an understanding of the complete reasoning. You will not get through a hundred stories to inject into your thrill zone like a load of opium, as you get your fix and become and asstard, but you will at least make your mind work in common sense analogy of any subject.

Lastly, use that thing called a search engine, and find numerous sources and read them, to add to your pondering. Most of the time, each of you  get things far too easy here, as things are broken down fed you far too quickly. Yes it helps undo your programming, but there comes the time that you have been taught to think in a new way, and it is time for you to examine subjects so you learn to think, decipher and add to a discussion, instead of being led around.