Friday, July 29, 2016

The Hillary Black Hole

That Huge Sucking Sound

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump invited in the worst of the Republican party in Ted Cruz who betrayed everyone, while Hillary Clinton erected walls to keep out the best of the Democratic party, to be brutalized in the streets by the Obama police state.
Yet worse, there sat Bernie Sanders inside the convention as his supporters were locked out, when he should have been at the wall, demanding it be torn down......leaving it to another ineffective leftist in Green Jill Stein to lead the revolution to humiliation and defeat.

That is the Hillary Clinton convention. It is a reality of the chosen democrates booed off the stage and Hillary Clinton having her own rent a mob, shouting down the real Democrats calling for NO MORE WAR, with USA USA USA, in some asstard plagiarism of the Patriotism of the Donald Trump supporters.

That is what Philadelphia was. Philadelphia was a reality where all the Democrats were replaced with these faux Rockefeller Republicans, pretending they love the police, while pandering to the Niggers and Beaners to keep them on the leash.

I do feel sorrow for the Democrats who were put in the Hillary Clinton NeoDem gulag. It is not that Bernie Sanders betrayed them. It is not that Hillary Clinton laughs at them in the same way the elites mock Donald Trump. It is all they have on their lines is Jill Stein of the Green party, who led them to an epic failure.

The breaching of the Hillary Zone in tearing down the wall at Philadelphia as Hillary cackled inside accepting that fraud nomination, might have taken place in a black hole on Andromeda, because there was no one recording the events and getting the message out,
That these are  leftist Americans and they are not going to take it any more".

I do believe that after the humiliation, the rough handling and the disenfranchisement, that Jill Stein is trying to exploit the former Sanders voters. I do believe that these Democrats are not going to vote for Hillary Clinton ever. I believe that Donald Trump offers them the best solution for NO MORE WARS, as Trump supporters have had enough of the Bush perpetual wars.

I do know for certain that the Webster Tarpley stated the elite's objective is to divide the Democratic party into two parties. This will marginalize the leftists completely when they waste their vote on principle for Jill Stein. That is what I would note in Sanders supporters should stop short when they are being steered in the same brainwashing of constitutional conservative Ted Cruz demanding that his braintards vote their conscience, which of course disenfranchises the cuck right.

So that is the reality in all of this. The elites put forward Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders to lead the lemmings over the cliff. When Bill Kristol tried to get the cucks to jump off the ledge for Ted Cruz, most of them ran back from the edge. But for the Bernie voters, there was Jill Stein in her siren song call, beckoning all the Sanders voters to jump into her black hole of principles and disappear into oblivion.

I would prefer from this point on to call the Sanders voters SARANDONS, after Susan Sarandon, as she had at least the principles and regrettably should have been the woman in the race to challenge Hillary Clinton as she would have won. The Sarandons have a choice to make from Black Lives Matter to only the devil knows what else was on the breaching of the Hillary Wall.

Bernie suckered them big time. Hillary hates them. Jill Stein is trying to sucker them, so that leaves the praiser of Hillary Clinton in ultra leftist Gary Johnson of the hijacked Libertairan Party with the fraud minder Bill Weld of Wall Street. Sarandons do not have a choice in November as it is all fraud.

Now for the sales pitch in the facts as Sanders Sarandon voters have been lied to enough.

Donald Trump is going to give you most of what you are asking, but not in your way. Your high minded green energy has maxed out and it is going to take coal and oil to allow you your illusions of being superior in caring about the world more.
Mr. Trump will give you no more war, but it is going to have to straighten out Bush and Obama creation of ISIS, which is nothing but an oil laundering scheme. It is going to have to divest terrorists of oil revenue and dope revenue, and then all of these pet Muslims and Mexicans are going to have to go back and build their lives there, instead of enriching Wall Street brokers in the human traffick trade.

Obama destroyed most of the Mideast and Latin America. That is why everyone is pouring into America, so the diseased and criminals are being dumped into America by Obama allies, and the world is just going to have to grow up and fight in their own countries, and not change America to this genocide which has been plotted by world powers since before 1776.

You will get your green world, but through better use of carbon fuels and the transition to clean Thorium electricity. You will get the best world for the people you care about, but stabilizing those nations, building dams to conserve water, so these people can be one with the land in feeding their own nations and creating their own renewable wealth.

Donald Trump is not going to take from you your sodomy, your aborticide or whatever else you are destroying yourself with, because there are bigger problems in getting jobs for the 95 million poor who are about to start a revolution and take all your high minded pretty toys if this is not fixed.

I can promise you that each of your names are on the Clinton death list now. Mrs. Clinton is a woman you do not piss with. She gets power and you are all going to find yourselves a target and you will be remedied. Jill Stein will leave you like baby seals to be clubbed to death. Gary Johnson will smoke a joint as you are shot by cops. That leaves Donald Trump. You are going to have to make a choice of dying with your principles or living with a different solution than what you have been programmed which have revealed that your Obama judgments have caused the longest global depression in history, because this is all about the 1% and the idle rich like yourselves who have enough money to waste running around in Philadelphia to be locked out of your own convention.

I would say do it the Trump way. Stop bitching like you know things, and get his policies through Congress and see if things straighten up, because in 4 years you will have some Elizabeth Warren to tell you lies in 2020 again.

Donald Trump's way will work, because it worked for Reagan and worked for John Kennedy.

It is a tough place to be, because if Mr. Trump was not the nominee, I stated I would vote Constitution as I would not support Birther Cruz. It would not have mattered as Cruz would have gone down in an epic landslide. Your votes matter in the Sarandons, because it is the margin beyond then what Hillary Clinton can steal the election like Obama did twice.

Hillary Clinton is the grim reaper of the left, because you wronged that woman and she is NEVER going to forget. She is coming for you first. Your only protection is Donald Trump in office as Bernie Sanders bought his bribe with your blood, Jill Stein will leave you clubbed like baby seals, and Gary Johnson is so zoned out he will think your death is some Mad Max movie.

That is the Hillary Black Hole. The clock is ticking on you leftists. Hillary is coming for you first.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
- -- Eleanor Roosevelt

You better listen to ugly old Eleanor, because her cheating husband put Joe Kennedy into oblivion, killed his son Joseph in Europe, left MacArthur for dead in the Philippines, off Patton, and put America into an Obama Super Depression to do the same things Hillary Clinton worships at.

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