Friday, July 29, 2016

#GBY Go Blog Yourself

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few weeks ago I apologized to someone for contacting them, as they have a great deal to deal with. This person is literally the someone you will never know, that saved Donald Trump and was responsible for transitioning that campaign from the small screen to the big screen.
They are extremely intelligent and accomplished and have things to deal with, so I try and tread softly in my big footprint on this most diplomatic of people.

They mentioned to me that I was not a bother, but they knew how some people could be.

When I exposed myself in a limited way to the public, I told them I did not have time to be their best friend or be their father confessor. 99.9% of you have been understanding, some who have donated have never emailed me or reached out. This though is about something which has been popping up lately in someone obtained my email through a pony ride donation, and they have even cheaper friends, who somehow were given or have obtained my email, and they are busy giving advice and sending links.

I know what I would like to tell those people, but there is far too much sexual deviancy in the world, and telling people to Go Fuck Yourself only adds to the problem. So I have decided that #GBY is my response, Go Blog Yourself.

There are reams of MOG's and trolls who deserve to be informed of that, as they sit out there behind their keyboards just waiting for someone to post something, and then arrive on the scene spouting some Ted Cruz shit, which proves they have shit for brains, as they never research any of their mindless talking points.

The Great Tribulation can not happen fast enough in all of its promise of death in culling these tards from the world.

So I will repeat again, as you are such cheap sons and daughters of whores, with so much to say, go to Word Press or Blogger and start your own blog as you are so very intelligent and have so much to say, and leave me the Heaven in Peace.
When spouting off becomes work, and when asstard shit for brains comments are not on popular people's sites on Facebook, suddenly it is not so fun facing the reality that no one wants you around on the internet or cares what you are ranting about, because you are a self loathing, miserable, overbearing sinner.

I know and everyone else knows all your posts are off some Ron Paul or Mark Levin talking points, and looking at your puke, after hearing cockerboy Limbaugh vomit it up, just has no interest.

Apparently this internet is a talent. On Twitter Donald Trump and Ricky Vaughn are skilled at it. The rest of you are primates punching on the keyboard and no one cares. On blogging, God has it going on here as the best blog in the world. The rest is just print outs from the Cruz campaign in what was typed up for them to repost.
As far as data link sites, there are only two in Drudge and Rense.
What is left gets bit by the snake while the ones with the gift bite the head off.

So for those who have abused the privilege, in stepping on sick people, people who need help and have no idea how to be civil, you are going on block as your pathetic attempts to validate yourselves by trying to "one up the Lame Cherry" gets your ass booted back out. This is my brier patch. I was born here. I was raised here and by God's Grace I beat this all back so now all of you cowards who were hiding in 2008 from the Obama trolls are out and about pretending you were part of it all.
I know who was on the Larry Sinclair short list who started all of this. I know who were the Birthers. I know who founded the Tea Party, and none of you trolls were there.

Here is the real picture of you 0.1%. You should be humiliated, but you have been lying to yourself all of your lives in thinking other people are always the problem.

Now Go Blog Yourself.

Take the hint like a 2 x 4 across your head as you are too dense in bullying all the polite people.