Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton and her Great Satan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates has released the reverse speech of Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech. In Mr. Trump's last week as well as Mrs. Trump's, all the comments were positive, but again in Hillary Clinton, the world is hearing from her black soul.
This is the list of the quotes from that 50 minute speech, in which Mrs. Clinton says she gets her power from the Great Satan, is going to screw Americans over in her economic policy and that she is lying to everyone about the future, in Hillary Clinton is the disease which will sicken all of our hopes, dreams and desires.

Not since Ted Cruz called his wife a little bitch or told a questioner he was going to destroy their freedom, has there been a greater threat exposed to America. How this woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton can steal elections, and know the rapine she is going to unleash, and do this with a flashing smile with eyes glistening is beyond comprehension. This woman is pure evil.

On Philadelphia 1776_ Hear this sin
(she doesn't believe it)

Hillary being a round a long time. _ Yes want to shine with it.

On Hillary's dad- Her bra horror

This one means her Dad was a Goldwater Conservative Republican, and he was horrified that he raised this Rockefeller Romney traitor wed to Bill Clinton. The "bra" reference is to the 1960's in women burning bras or going without them. Taking her bra off (betraying God and Country) horrified her father.

On 9 11 families - Worries now.

The future _ Be honest dam you, you sicken it.

Hillary's economy which she will implement_ I'll screw in an office.

Dead police _  Mild the muck, now thank you

Keep working against the odds_ Great Satan

Where she gets her power.