Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton, How do we hate thee, let us count the ways...........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Fortunately for Republicans, that party was capable of ridding itself of it's Hillary Clinton insider from Wall Street in Ted  Cruz. Unfortunately for Democrats, their Ted Cruz election crook in Hillary Clinton was able to steal the election from the People and Bernie Sanders.

The reality is there is absolutely no difference between Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, no more than there is any conflict between the Bush family and the Clinton family..........

Or the Obama family.


So beyond all the rhetoric, it is no surprise when Hillary Clinton endorses Ted Cruz crimes, because criminal Hillary Clinton has been joined at the hip with the Cruz campaign by their common Wall Street oligarchs who are desperate to keep from the Trump Administration prosecuting them for their crimes.

Hillary Clinton says that she agrees with Ted Cruz - Business ...

Hillary Clinton said on Friday afternoon that she agreed with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, ...

It all  the same fraud GOPliters. Hillary Clinton is a Bush Republican from the Rockefeller wing, and Ted Cruz whose old man worked for Castro in Cuba, somehow as a communist came to America and after the Kennedy assassination got a job with George H.W. Bush's oil company which shipped Rafael Castro off to Alberta Canada, and that is why Ted Cruz was birthed there.

So when a document appears in the Democratic National Party server and is published by WIKILEAKS, the story is not that the Cruz cult was coordinating with Hillary Clinton. The story is that the Clinton minders were monitoring Ted Cruz operations via his emails, and those emails directly ended up at the DNC communications branch for analysis to exploit.

The Lame Cherry exclusive in all of this is, is that the evidence reveals in all of the WIKILEAKS posted, NONE were focused on by the Democrats from the Trump campaign in monitoring that group through emails as the Cruz campaign was being tracked to coordinate with.

Why is that?

Logically, if Hillary Clinton does not have her spies signed up to Trump emailings, then it means that Hillary Clinton has a much better source INSIDE the Trump campaign, providing direct information in monitoring what the Trump organization is doing. For those who need to be told, that is illegal, but when it was tracked that it was Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz conduits engaged in the direct smear of Melania Trump, what is another collusion of crimes, as if it is not Hillary Clinton, it is her twin in Ted Cruz.

So when it is reported that Ken Cuccinelli is coordinating the destruction of the Republican Party in Cleveland, and Ted Cruz throws the bomb as Kendall Unruh adorns her pompoms, it is all the same organism, as they are all interchangeable, from Bush, to Cruz, to Hillary, to Huma, to Kaine, as they all have the same Wall Street masters that Obama has been stealing money for, for the past 8 years to the tune of 19 trillion dollars that you now owe.

Report: Cruz ally Ken Cuccinelli negotiating deal with RNC to ...

Sounds like Ken Cuccinelli is, or was, ... (Another RNC official says despite Cuccinelli's realization, Unruh still believes she'll have 28 votes.

How do we hate thee then, this syndicate bent on the American genocide of White, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and whatever else is not the 1% enslaving the 99.

How do we hate thee? Let us count the ways.
We hate thee from the purple mountain majesty to the fruited plains
Our souls reach out for reckoning to God's fire and brimstone in the rain
For our ends of place and laying all to waste.
We hate for treachery in all the passing days
From all your greed, that is historically wrong.
We hate thee freely, as it goes on forever long.
We hate thee purely, and long for one just court.
We hate thee with the patriotism in all of this abuse
In our old griefs, and with no relief.
We hate thee with a hate of America we lose
With all that is lost. we hate thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all our lives; and, if God choose,
We shall but hate thee better after death.

The 1% hire all the same traitors, and looking at Hillary Clinton is looking at Ted Cruz. The same oligarchs who own Clinton own Cruz.

Hillary Clinton Is Backed by Major Republican Donors

Hillary Clinton Is Backed by Major Republican Donors. ... already donating more to Hillary Clinton's ... Republican donors, Hillary Clinton is a ...

 Simply look at Hillary Clinton gushing over Ted Cruz tweets. Then look at Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, appearing at the Republican Convention, which Ted Cruz blew up as a suicide bomber, in Big Koch goes to war on Mr. Johnson to elect liberal Russ Feingold, in thee exact same way that Ted Cruz is working to install Hillary Clinton.

Group pulls the plug on Johnson ad buy -

Group pulls the plug on Johnson ad buy. ... Koch brothers has pulled a more than $2 million dollar ad buy in support of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

This is the real Hillary Clinton. The consort of Ted Cruz, as the same pimps own her, as Cruz and Clinton carry out orders from the pimps named Koch in America or Saud in the terror mideast.

With Bernie Sanders having been made to kneel before Hillary Clinton, all that is left is Donald Trump to save America from this gang of nation rapists intent on American Genocide.

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