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The Republican River Rabies

For the second time since 2007, a rabid wolf attacked in Southwest ...

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I share this information from Lt. Col. Washington Irving Dodge concerning rabies. I am fascinated by this in two counts, in the first the US Fish and Wildlife is running these damn wolves all across America now endangering humans, stock and wildlife, and there are few things worse than an animal as big or bigger than you attacking you deranged, and the other is the skunk, carrier of rabies, in Col. Dodge states there was an epidemic of skunk bites in 1872 to 1874 on the Great Plains, killed everyone they bit, but the skunks did not appear rabid, just gnawing on people.
It appears that skunk saliva might contain rabies as much as their fat does. Skunks carry rabies in their fat cells, and in famine times, they absorb it, and this is what causes the disease to manifest.

'The Indians are still camped in the vicinity of the 
post in very large numbers. I have taken particular 
pains to question them as to their experience with regard 
to rabid wolves. They say that the appearance of mad 
wolves in their village is not unfrequent ; that the time 
of year at which they are most often seen is in the months 
of February and March ; that, once having entered a 
village, the wolf will make no attempt to leave it, but 
will rush furiously from place to place until he is disabled ; 
and that in no instance have any of them ever known a 
person to recover after having received the smallest 
scratch from the teeth of the rabid animal. They make 
no attempt at treatment; and one or two instances were 
related where an Indian, on being affected with the 
hydrophobial spasms, threw himself into the water and 
was drowned.' 

What is of concern here now that America is cartel wildlife controlled spreading diseases as Lyme and predatory death, is that these wolves went rabid in February and March in Nebraska country. I speculate that this might be due to skunks coming out of hibernation, or perhaps it may be wolves can carry rabies in their fat deposits also.
We are though now a world from France to America which is breeding by the cartel these damned terror predators and this must be addressed.

In such cases he is 
greatly to be feared, for, so far from keeping away from 
sleeping men, he will, if he finds nothing more to his 
taste, deliberately commence devouring the hand, face, 
or any uncovered part of the sleeper. The bite in itself 
would be of but little account ; but, in all the country 
between the Republican River and the Indian Territory, 
it is almost invariably followed by that most horrible 
of all horrors, hydrophobia. 

I have never had opportunity nor the technical know- 
ledge necessary for a careful investigation ; but I am 
convinced that the terrible disease is the natural result to 
man of the bite of the skunk (in the territory designated); 
and that, while inflicting it on the person bitten, it does 
not follow that the skunk is himself afllicted with the 

I judge this to be the case, firstly, from the fact that 
skunks are very numerous in the valleys of the Arkansas 
and its tributaries, whilst the number of men bitten each 
year with fatal result is so great and so widely separated 
both in location and time as to indicate an epidemic 

CAMP, 96 

amongst the skunks which, if e.ich were really rabid, 
would soon exterminate the whole race. Secondly, from 
the action^ of the biting animals. The bite is not the 
senseless snap of a rabid animal, but is the result of 
appetite. The skunk comes into camp in search of food, 
deliberately sits down on the hand or face of a man, and 
begins eating. If disturbed, he cocks his tail and stands 
on the defence ; but if a fire is made, or a candle lit, or 
he be alarmed by noise and bustle, he scampers off into 
the darkness, to return again when all is quiet. Thirdly, 
that, though I have seen many dogs bitten by skunks, I 
have never known a dog or other lower animal to go 
mad from such a bite. 

The crowds of buffalo hunters that flocked to the 
plains in 1872-3-4 suffered greatly from skunk-bites. 
During the years 1S72-3, while stationed at Fort Dodge, 
I knew by report of sixteen cases, every one of which 
proved fatal.

The reality of the above observations is the fact that Colonel Dodge was one of the best educated military and scientific minds, with observational skills in the world. When he reports numerous incidents in the Republican River country of like events, then those events were scientific fact.

The prairie wolf was a carrier of rabies, and I suspect it contracted it with a symbiotic relationship with the skunk population, which is far more lethal than thought, in campers never report skunks eating their faces off in the modern era, but these skunks  in Kansas Nebraska were numerous, and apparently their common trait was to start feeding on large animals. I suspect this trait may have been taught by buffalo kills by Indians and Americans.

All of this is vital information and without Colonel Dodge this data would have been lost to history, as no one else was recording it.

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For the second time since 2007, a rabid wolf attacked in Southwest ...