Friday, July 29, 2016

Industry is a Requirement

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Reality is a reality that bites, when confronted with propaganda.

I happened to be reading a historical account of a white man, Raymond Spears, who in 1912 oared his way across the Great Lakes to experience the area, and he happened to record the following on the Indians of that region.

Time was when the Indians trapped that country, and it was not 
a fur pocket. Then the Indians died and weakened, and as Martin 
Hunter tells, they ceased to be trappers. All through that North 

172 A Trip on the Great Lakes. 

Shore country there are old Indian trapping grounds now abandoned 
because the Indians are weak and old and no account. The Indian 
has lost his skill and his endurance there. This fur pocket is the old 
trapping ground of a man who died three or four years ago, who had 
his camp at Pukaso. That Indian had not trapped for years. Then 
the Wilsons came and ran two three hundred miles of trap lines in 
loops and main lines, and got in five winters no one knows how many 
furs — perhaps $10,000 worth, perhaps $25,000 worth. I do not know. 
They took out $900 worth one early December, I was told. 

As one can assess for the reality of the story this was the border country. The Martin Hunter noted was the Hudson Bay Company trader who wrote stories of this region which can be had from Fur Fish Game and probably free online. This area was over harvested, in being mismanaged, but the reality is that the fur animals came back, when the Indians became what they are, sloven.

10,000 dollars in 1912 is akin to a million dollars in the 20th century. There was absolutely no competition, just like in the Ohio country when the Americans arrived there, and yet the Indians were taking BIA handouts or languishing in their natural state.

I desire you to get this in this area was all WILD. There were no America or Canadian farmers there. There was not any commercial ventures or cities. The Indians could have run wild and free, exactly as they had when they were dining on human flesh in the 1700's, to their absolute delight in being Indians, but they simply refused to be anything but welfare Indians.
Gill netting some fish, getting something begged or provided, and these Indians were content to exist.

Everything in this Obama propaganda era of the Socio Conglomerates blames white people for all woes and evils, and yet here we had hundreds of miles of wilderness, where eventually white people did move traplines through, and they enriched themselves. The Indians could have accomplished the same thing, but refused to show any industry.

That reality needs to be made, as nothing was taken from the Indian by anyone in this region, and they could have all had the same fortune, but success simply did not and does not matter to them as a collective group. The minority of Indians have some industry, but the majority still is this communist mentality of the collective and feeding like a pack of wolves on a carcass.
That may have worked for genocide 300 years ago, but it is a point that if peoples from this caste refuse to better themselves, that it is not any other person's fault.

Under Point Isacor, 
in the bay, there is the camp of Madji Nugent, wife and daughter, 

This leaves about thirty or forty miles of the shore without any 
one, except the Pukaso prospector, who almost surely will run a short 
line — say fifteen or twenty miles. He saw eleven mink at once on 
Otter Cove, and could hardly resist such a temptation as that. 

Certainly, a dozen or fifteen trappers could not trap that country 
clean in five years. A line run from any of tea or twelve bays and 
coves, and attended as a business proposition, could hardly fail to 
reward the hardy trapper with wages. 

He must know the North Country, however. He must know 
wolves, not only as a trapping proposition, but as a deadly menace 
for him should he meet a hungry pack. Game Protector A. W. Nuttall 
told me that he saw the tracks of a hundred wolves on one little sand 
bar near Swallow River. 

This must be the clan that Ted Nugent was birthed out of. Probably is some French Breed going on in him, before they hightailed it to Detroit and the big city, but the reality is this entire country was teaming with wildlife and could not have been depleted by an army of trappers....and the wildlife needed it as those damned timber wolves are murdering menaces, and 100 of them on an Indians sled would certainly have bought the good life for them.

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