Friday, July 29, 2016

Obama Clinton Trade Wars to being Nuclear Wars

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was speaking with an industry insider this morning and these are a few facts which have been hidden from the world, and are slap in the face to the bullshit of Ted Cruz with his moron backers spewing Smoot Hawley all over the internet on tariffs along with the horseshit of Hillary Clinton's backers who are morons in being uninformed or absolute liars, because America has already begun a trade war under Birther Obama.

Do you have a rough guess about how many smelters were in America operating when Obama stole the election in 2008?

The answer was there were around 4000 smelters, recycling and making American steel.

Do you know how many smelters are operating in the United States after Obamacare, after Hillary Clinton went over and took Chicom bribes for Obama 20 trillion dollar debt, ruining another industry as Obama ruined coal?

The answer is less than 400.

Thousands of metal smelters in America have been wiped out, sold off and are no longer employing Americans, because of the Obama regime.

New question, is Obama putting tariffs on anything? You do remember TPP right? Obamatrade as the great savior?

OK here are some facts on this. The metal casings and pipe............hmmm that sounds like Union Steel and American Big Frac obtained an over 200% tariff on Chinese manufactured casings.

Incredible right? Yes Obama has already begun a trade war with China and no one knows about it.

Oh it gets better too. You remember Birther Hussein, the one who jokes about his birth certificate all the time, the one bowing to China in 2009 literally, well his Chicom brothers hacked into Ameristeel.
Don't bother looking for this exclusive online as stuff like this never gets covered, and it is only fictional hacking by Vladimir Putin into the DNC computers that the FBI looks into.

For those who do not know. Ameristeel manufactures high technology metals for things like automobiles, and that requires space age formulation, as  steel just does not appear by magic tricks.

Those formulas were hacked by China, that would be Obama and Clinton's best friends, who Obama admires so very much, and now China has the American secret technology to create advanced steel.

Again, for those who do not comprehend this in the Lame Cherry review of metals. Chinese metals are inferior. They do not have the heat, the blast furnaces or the formulations. Their metals wear out in being soft and their metals as in cast iron cookware require twice the heat compared to old American Wagnerware, because of all the impurities in the Chinese metals.

So to review this as it does get worse, Obama and Clinton bow to China. China hacks into United States industry to steal formulas. Obama Clinton retaliate with high tariffs on Chinese pipe casings in opening a trade war which no one has told you about.
Into this Clinton and Cruz morons keep trying to attack Donald Trump on tariffs, and lo and behold, Obama is already engaged in exactly that.

Oh and the worse part...........

Chinese piping has disappeared, but suddenly the South Americans are spiking in exports to America. Again for the Clinton and Cruz morons, China is dumping their piping into South America, where it is being relabeled as originating from those nations, and America is getting the exact same shaft as it was before.

That is what the Obama regime and Hillary Clinton have brought America to. The same ruination of American jobs, with a wink and a nod to China to keep exporting and this criminal regime allowing new labels to be placed on Chinese goods being trafficked through South America.

Now you know something that has not even appeared on ZeroHedge, as the criminal regime of Obama Clinton, linked up to Cruz Big Wall Street, has created this entire syndicate.

Think of it in several thousands smelters disappeared from America, which is an issue of national security and all the Obama regime could do was take money from China and give money to GM, as Warren Buffett runs his rail monopoly, Big Koch gets it's ethanol monopoly, and Soros got his grain monopoly.

Hanging around Ted Cruz proves that you have shit for brains in attacking Donald Trump and looking to Hillary Clinton in attacking Donald Trump on tariffs proves you have horse shit for sense.

Donald Trump's policies on protecting America is designed to bring good jobs back to America, and not provide Wall Street speculation in relabeled Chinese steel coming out of South America, in an Obama trade war.