Monday, July 18, 2016

Perhaps there is Hope named Ivanka

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us not all pop out the 200 year old cognac and bring in the Asian prostitutes to shoot ping pong balls out of their nethers to celebrate, because Ivanka Trump has this leash problem being led around by Paul Manafort, in thinking she is more intelligent than the other all of her advice has mirrored a strategy of winning a battle to lose a war, but there is maybe a bit of the Pict in this child after all.

Here is the headline:


See that is a threat. The little Princess has just threatened the family which coordinated the assassination of John F. Kennedy and holds title to the sub operational groups. OK granted, Ivanka has Big Jew between her legs and has popped out 3 little Jewettes for her bonafides in being in the Big Jew family, but seriously Ivanka Trump just put a dead horse head in the competitor's bed.

I mean, there is promise in this......again granted, her daddy made a deal for the Presidency now, and granted he has to live past Inauguration day, because if he does not, then the Little Princess is going to find out that you just do not threaten  the lords and priests, but literally can we all look forward to Ivanka in a black leather uniform, spike heels and a yummy riding crop, whipping Jeb Bush's genitals as she makes him sing, some Rabbi song.

Granted again, Ivanka has to know that you do not threaten powerful people. You simply send out your hobnails and they disappear to your dungeon and  reappear confessing to all sorts of crimes as they throw themselves off of Trump Tower.

Honestly, I see great potential in this as Ivanka could be like Praetor without the election and just be Judgette, Juryette and Executionerette. I realize it will take her getting off the leash from Manifort and probably some personal tragedy to transform her into what America needs.
Again granted, Paul Manafort is going to be the first ass steak Ivanka Trump is going to put into the meat locker.

So Ivanka Trump made a mistake in making a threat public, instead of typing in a nice flash drive list of 500,000 traitors who need to assume room temperature, but at least though she is making good mistakes now in throwing in,  to endanger herself, her children, along with her father. 

There comes a time in any political education, that your enemies are realized to be what they are in when they get their chance to sell you into prostitution, and your children to pedophiles, that you simply have to start plotting in an entire division to neutralize those who threaten you with extreme prejudice.

Could we not all appreciate a woman who has a collection of scrotum sacks on her 5th Avenue office wall as her walls at Homeland Security are filled so thick that a 30 by 30 office, is down to 15 by 15 feet.