Friday, July 8, 2016

Trump White Paper: Amnesty for College Education Debt

College is for education. If one desires to be a whore, the streets are there for free.

- Lame Cherry

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Let us begin this by stating some absolute facts. The first being American education is now fascist, meaning the conglomerates use universities for research, who in turn have conglomerates demand "master's degrees" to hire people, who then have to go into debt for hundreds of thousands of dollar to obtain a job which will take a lifetime for people to pay off, if they could find a job, as conglomerates take that research, which you are paying for, make fortunes, and hire foreigners, and fire Americans, as the universities take grant money from the regime, and people are force to take out student loans to pay for these educations, which are worthless.

In this Trump White Paper, the Lame Cherry will address the End of Fascist Education in America, as this is all scam of making everyone poor, while the elite on top, make a fortune and live in luxury.

I begin this by asking you, if you buy a bag of potato chips, and when you get home, you find the bag is empty, is this your fault or do you demand a refund?

If you have a plumber fix your faucet, and it breaks, do you pay the bill or complain to get it fixed?

That is the state of the scam of American fascist education, in students are promised if they go to college, get a degree, go 100,000 dollars, that they will get a job........and yet America in this Obama Super Depression, only have the debt and 95 million of them are out of work.
All of this is a scam to just steal money from Americans, and leave the American taxpayer holding this debt for worthless education.

The answer to this is simple, and I term this Trump Amnesty Loans. If Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and John McCain can try and declare Amnesty to foreign invaders ruining America, then President Donald Trump can declare a simple thing in this:

Any American student who has not been able to get a job for the degree they were awarded in 5 years, those students loans are cancelled in these Americans are granted full amnesty, and the Federal Government then places the loan debt back on the University to be paid off, for the University provided a faulty service which no American can be responsible for as it was a scam.

These universities are making a hundred million dollars a year. It is a given they have investments in stocks and only satan knows what. They have profited in a scam off America, and they will be held accountable, and once these schools are going to be made to pay back that money, then something interesting is going to take place.

All of those Haitians pouring into New York, like other foreigners being dumped for profit in colleges, will cease, because there is no longer profit in goverment loans, because the schools will have to pay that money back.
All of these Affirmative Action morons being granted degrees for nothing, and will never get a job for that degree will have the universities having to pay back all of that graft.

Some will say, "That will bankrupt those institutions". The answer is, "No it will not, but it will allow Americans to get their education system back from this scheme for profit, and it will force universities to only accept those students who will be able to get a job." In other words, the brilliant minds are going to be enrolled in colleges as sure things, while these creatures who are polluting the world will have their vocations as they should be in hand labor.

Let us face the fact, that with the computer age, a University is a dinosaur. Any student can go online, without professors or anything else in expensive buildings to heat and cool, and for 2500 dollar a year, get the same degree in passing tests for 100,000 dollars.
Some vocations as doctors or electricians will require apprentice or intern work to hone their physical skills, but over night the American education system will be streamlined in costs, and if the rich want Queenie Obama off to Harvard for 50,000 a year on campus, then that is their money spent, but American are not going to be stuck paying for foreigners, dead beats and honest children who believed a degree was going to get them a job, and not a lifetime of debt.

This is the solution and in all probability it will cost Donald Trump 250,000 votes in the 1% having this cash cow removed, but it will net President Trump 10 million votes in grateful Americans being granted amnesty from this criminal scheme they were suckered into.

This fixes everything. Online education for everyone at affordable prices, because a student can live at home, work a part time job and pay for 2500 dollar schooling, which is exactly the same as going to college.
It removes the scheme of "master degree" blackmail, of grants to colleges for conglomerates by taxpayers, and this for profit looting of America in making American children go into debt for the rest of their lives.

Albert Einstein made his mathematical discoveries as Nikolai Tesla in their homes, not at University. Invention will occur through God's Inspiration, and nothing in this education will stagnate. In fact, in this returning American education to it's proper dimension, America will benefit greatly.

Students gain admission to University by ability. The rest can go online and fail. Universities are made responsible for the debt they created and Americans have Amnesty from debt which was not their fault. 

Graduates will still in this 5 year period, have to work, make payments on those loans, and prove that they applied at three places of employment for their degree each month with records for those 5 years, as no one gets to sit around as they owe America that much for being suckered.
In addition, this Amnesty will end the universities handing out degrees for Bachelor of Arts or Political Sciences, which are all scams to gain funding for the university and for parents to get children out of their homes so they get drunk at college and rape each other for 4 years on taxpayer dollars.

The University system will be fixed with this and America will be better for it.

This is the Trump White Paper on Ending American Fascist Education.

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