Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cancer Tongue Clinton

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The above photo comparison sourced from Joel Skoursen and is published on the Rense site.  I am grateful this was dug up and shared as it is important and proves what was published here in Hillary Clinton had stage two cancer and had to have radical surgery to remove this tumor, as it was about to become a draining canker, which would have led to Mrs. Clinton's entire tongue being removed.

So this is understood as was noted in the case of Colleen Zenk Pinter, who suffers from oral cancers, she has had several bouts, and Mrs. Clinton is facing the same type of situation of multiple amputations in her throat, mouth and lips.

Hillary Clinton suffers from cunnilingus tongue.

I do not ever repeat information which can be found elsewhere, as there is no point in being a parrot. So I always add to the information in insight, inquiry and Inspiration.

Where Hillary Clinton is disappearing to is a private residence, an MD's in fact not in New York. What she is doing is she is being treated, using a British protocol which has been successful with Alzheimers.

As you can witness, this is not exactly something which can be carted around or Mrs. Clinton can wear to rallies as a new hairdo.

This apparently is working for Mrs. Clinton as she appears snarling normal and then regresses again to being mistaken for furniture. I would expound upon this though with a reality assessment that if infrared treatment is working, then Mrs. Clinton is not just suffering from what would be termed as Parkinsons, but has a form of madcow, or a prion organism eating away at her brain, as this type of organism dies in the light, as does the fungus which causes moles, and why that type produces dark pigments to shield itself.

It points to this is why Mrs. Clinton seems to liven up after these treatments for a time, and then goes back to being gramma lethargic.

New Treatments for Alzheimer's Shown to Improve Memory ...

New Treatments for Alzheimer's ... is it any wonder that research into new ways to treat Alzheimer's is an ... The helmet works by using "light beam ...

So that is about it. Hillary Clinton has cancer head and cootie brain. A woman her age, ridden hard by years of abusing herself is going to pick up though parasites and viral critters from sticking things up and into places God never intended.
It just goes on behind closed doors as even the Hillary zombie are not going to believe this is a halo like messiah Obama zombie did.