Thursday, August 18, 2016

Christian Churches Targets of Obama Muslims

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In what is no longer shocking or unsurprising from the Obama regime and the criminal cover ups in the FBI, a story has now broken that Obama's ISIS has obtained the list of 15,000 Christians across America and is inciting it's members imported into the United States by the Obama regime to murder these people.

This is not alone, as the threat has been issued for British Christians also.

The target of the mass murders are people in New York, Texas, California and Florida, whose pastors and members were located from online postings of sites concerning Christians.
The FBI in protecting the Obama terrorists and not desiring to make this an issue for Hillary Clinton to protect her criminal campaign has neither notified local law enforcement nor the people whose names are on the assassination list. The report stated that out of 24 people in one Church, 22 had no idea their names were on a Muslim terror hit list.

I could use the words disgraceful, criminal and disgusting, concerning the Obama regime and the FBI in this cover up, but what is the point as one dead LaVoy Finicum is just another 15,000 Christians dead and only God knows how many Christian Syrians were slaughtered as Obama and John McCain posed for pictures with ISIS.

The journalist reporting this advocates contacting the FBI and demanding security. One might as well contact your local mosque and demand Muslims protect you for all the good that is going to do. The only thing Christians should do is they must bring this to the attention of their clergy and their elders, and demand that a security plan be initiated with the assistance of your local police. It factors down to, Christians are going to have to be armed and guarding their flocks during services, the doors locked and emergency evacuation drills be engaged in, in order to protect themselves.
If your Church will not protect you, then find a Church which will or worship God from your homes, as this is a serious matter in Muslims are beginning to think in terms of attacking Churches, as one in Michigan became the target, but was foiled by an FBI agent, who was doing in his job and not looking the other way for Obama terrorists.

This perhaps is fitting in Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities and Jewish Charities were making huge profits off of bringing in Obama terrorists, and now these terrorists are arming themselves and stalking these congregations for mass murder.

Personally if I could afford it, I would arm myself and my spouse with .32 caliber revolvers in concealed carry, no matter what my Church officials were saying. I would tell my children to shut the hell up in never mentioning it, and that is what I would do for worship.
(The 32 is light enough for women and God forbid children in needing to pick up a gun if you are brained, as of course you TRAINED THEM in practice, just as you did you and the wife.)
I would make certain my family was always seated at a 30 to 45 degree view of the exit forward and if anything started, that is where we would bee line for, knowing that with me in the lead, a terrorist might be there waiting.
Sit on the ends of the pew by the side and not the main aisle. You are going to have to be aware, and if you had a pastor worth a shit, they would bring a 223 caliber rifle to the pulpit, loaded with soft points, so they would not drill through a terrorist and brain some baby behind them. In enclosed situations, you do not want your bullets going through what you intend to kill.

Churches are going to have to have expendables, or males who will have body armour on, and eat bullets in giving the rest of the flock the opportunity to retreat to safety.

That is the reality of image Obama and Hillary Clinton. 9 out 10 Muslims imported are traditional Isalmists which means they are prime terror converts. It starts to be open season as in France, you are going to get to see your pastor's head cut off with full jets of arterial blood over your pretty altar. There is no excuse for this, and this should have been something Christians have been preparing for.

It would behoove the mutton to also park some imposing red or white vehicle parallel in front of the Church, with cones on each side and a magnetic emblem on the front door which could be removed printed with:

 It is the bluff in most cases which keeps you from having the terrorist enter your place of worship. Put a bulldog in the front yard and the criminal scurries away.

Lastly, get your clergy to print up this flier for all of your doors.

 بندقية المحمية
Gun Protected

That about wraps it up.

"The FBI did not alert numerous Americans that they were placed on secret Islamic State kill lists or notify their local police about the potential dangers, a lapse in the government's efforts to combat the terrorist group's evolving strategy to target everyday citizens.

"To date, the terror group that goes by the acronym ISIS has published on encrypted web sites several hit lists naming more than 15,000 people it would like to see killed by sleeper cells or lone wolves in New York, Texas, Florida and California."