Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton's MEDGATE

Public Counsel's William O. Douglas Dinner With Former Secretary Of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

While focus is on Hillary Clinton's brain disease with Dr. Drew now stating that for some reason Hillary Clinton is being treated with rattles and chants in century old medicine, there is something which has been noted, which reveals an equal debilitating disease, and that is Hillary Clinton demanding to always have a pillow for her back.

There is a reason that Hillary Clinton has a pillow for her back supporting her wherever she goes, and that is due to a degenerative bone disease. Granted all old people have pillows for their backs in their recliners, but Mrs. Clinton stipulates in writing that pillows are part of her appearances.

If one observes Mrs. Clinton, it is a reality that she is around 40 pounds over weight. This complicates the bones and joints in undo stress due to aging. As Mrs. Clinton is focused upon a pillow for her back, that diagnoses she has experiencing problems in her central back.

This is more than a short legged female not able to sit in big girl chairs, by the position of the pillow. This pillow is in the mid range of her spinal column which is degrading.

This could be connected to one of the numerous falls which Mrs. Clinton has recorded in she has a condition from the shocks of these falls, which is aggrevating her nerve connections, which in turn is causing fatigue in her back, needing assistance of support.

The deterioration of Mrs. Clinton's connective tissues with nerve damage is a new revelation. It now presents itself with the chicken and egg question. Is Mrs. Clinton falling because she has a brain disease? Is Mrs. Clinton falling because her joints are numbing her nerves and her feet can not feel the ground? Is Hillary Clinton a duplex of disease in her brain is short circuiting and her neuro network is being severed by her own skeletal system slicing into her neural transmitters.

What is glaring in all of this is what Dr. Drew noted, in why are New York physicians treating Mrs. Clinton with protocols which are from the 1950's. This points to a reality that Mrs. Clinton's doctors are not stone age voodoo practitioners, but the fact is for some reason Mrs. Clinton's doctors are falsifying information which is a crime, in order to cover up what is really auditioning Mrs. Clinton for a toe tag.

What this points to is a reality that the acting physicians who are modern, are apparently having medical papers prepared for them to sign, and they are signing them for some reason, which always harkens back to the Clinton quid pro quo.
It is a conclusion that some senile board of director physician in their 70's have scripted a medical release and put the names of other physicians on it, all to cover up what is certainly a condition where Mrs. Clinton has both degenerative brain and spinal conditions.

The reason someone would be releasing these types of bogus cover conditions, is that something is severely wrong with this woman. The Lame Cherry has stated that Mrs. Clinton will probably not live to fulfill her first term. Now the question in this in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, is the reality, "Does Hillary Clinton know that she is going to die in her first term from medical complications, and so do her oligarch backers, all for the expressed purpose of why Tim Kaine was chosen as heir apparent, to keep the continiuty of regime in place, and Hillary Clinton can fulfill her dream as first woman named Hillary as President and memorialized as the Greek tragedy hero of succumbing while President".
That is the stuff that legacies and legends are made of.

This is a Medgate for Hillary Clinton. Is this the real Hillary Clinton end game, in she is so sick that she will succumb in the next 4 years, and the DNC stole this from Bernie Sanders to politically glorify Dame Hamrod and utilize it for an agenda of "We must pass gun control as this is what Hillary would want."

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, again.