Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Heretic Of You

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have written before that I seek out in public places to find Jehovah's Witness propaganda, and pick it up to burn it to save the ignorant from themselves, but as of late I have been coming across in the second hand store a great deal of Catholic dogma.

The first commidity I picked up several years ago in this huge Catholic bible, which I still have as it is good reference source, and I have read the non Biblical Jewish histories which are interesting a the Koran.
I have since picked up several volumes of Vatican things, and came home with one this past week that I was going to burn, and then I happened to be moved by the Holy Ghost to open it up and see what in the devil it was all about, as it is titled:

Catholic Evidence

Did not make a great deal of sense in what it was as it was written in 1925 by some English Vatican devotees of Bloody Mary, named Frank Sheed and Maisie Ward.

It was when I started reading it, that that the red lights started going off, because this was the evidence of exactly what the smiling John Paul II really thought of Christians, along with every Priest and the Pater Pope since.

The recent editor of Scott Hahn had this choice comment about the Vatican religion in how John Paul viewed things in 1992 in relation to Protestants.

"The Catholic faith is like a lion; it doesn't need us to defend it so much as it needs us to unlock it from the cage and let it out."

As satan is likened by Christ as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, the connecting of Catholicism to a predatory group headed by satan is not exactly what I would deem good public relations, and yet  that is the analogy supported by the printing office of the Catholic Evidence Guild of Ann  Arbor, Michigan, and therefore the Vatican.

If you are a Protestant, I provide a few choice phrases about your belief in Christ in this book of your condemnation.

page 53:

The ordinary Protestant Alliance heckler admits in modern days Popes have urged Bible reading - driven to do so he says by Protestant pressure.

The Vatican is still unmercifully furious over that German Martin Luther of 500 years ago, in you "Protestant Alliance" and challenging the Vatican makes you a heckler to be shouted down.

page 107:

This is one of the chief stumbling blocks to the pious Protestants, as they imagine we but creatures in the place, or side by side, with the Creator.

Yes the stumbling Protestants challenging about Mother Mary, pray for us sinners, as the Vatican teaches in worship..........and the interesting thing is this book is dedicated as thus:

Dedication of the Reprint

Mary, Our Mother, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for Us

page 282:

Grace and The Heresy of Early Protestantism.

Yes Martin Luther is a heretic, and mentioned by name, with this gem heading this section of, "Protestantism was not merely a revolt against the Church: as a heresy, it was a heresy on grace."

If you need that translated, the Vatican teaches behind all of it's smiles and inclusion of Muslims, that every Protestant in open revolt not against the Church, but against God and that Protestants in that revolt have rejected grace (that would be "He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved, as Christ taught and all Protestants accept", which the Vatican teaches is that every Protestant is not under Grace, and therefore being unredeemed is going to hell to burn.

Does it make a bit more sense why they burned Joan of Arc and other Saints at the stake over this "grace business"?

My purpose in writing this expose' is not to condemn Catholic faithful, as I doubt most of them are aware this is the Vatican directive in how it views most of the world. The Vatican's chief enemy is not satan, but Protestants who are all judged going to hell, and therefore it is Protestants who are at peace who need the Jesuit black robes terrorizing them, and not the Muslims who are blowing up the world.

Scott Hahn was a former Protestant of some kind, who went over to this dark side. Frank Sneed was a Australian who migrated to America, and then England where he married Maisie Ward, formed a publishing house and turned loose this work of condemnation of Christians, not like them.

I will close this out with pages 75 and 76 which asks if the Vatican did persecute (that would be murder Christians. After blaming Emperor Fredrick II, on page 75 for starting this, which started long before this in the games in Rome under Simon Pater allied with Caesar, we find the answer to torture and burning at the stake in official Vatican decree.

"The Church undoubtedly approved of the State's action, but if the State's action was right, the Church's approval could not be wrong."

No reference in God's Law in being against murdering Christians which is what Christ stopped Saul from doing and converted him to St. Paul, but the reality is the Vatican stated it was innocent, because it was the right thing for thousands of Christians to be murdered by the regimes who undertook this, because the Protestants were guilty of the crime of Faith in Christ.

For the Catholic faithful, I strongly urge you to pay attention to this, because in Revelation it states the anti Christ and the false prophet are going to hijack the Vatican and criminalize all Christians who do not worship the beast, or the revived Roman system of rule.

This is your Vatican law and when the time comes, it is going to sign your execution warrants as easily as they have done for over generations before.

Nuff Said.