Sunday, August 21, 2016

Donald Trump's Real Poll Numbers

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I have had it with the fraud polling being published to brainwash Americans. Even with all of the rigged polling Donald Trump is now up +2 points, so you know he is far beyond that.

This is what inquiry points to the real number spreads:


August 21st

Trump 71
Stein 14
Clinton 7
Johnson 2
Undecided 7

November election

Trump 71
Stein 13
Clinton 18
Johnson 2

Other parties will gain vote percentage in the Constitution.

For the nit picking fucktards who think they spotted something in the numbers are not 100% but 100+ GO BLOG YOURSELF, and then you can go confess your sins in attacking me for being a tool of satan in being a complete ignorant asstard in not being Inspired enough to realize that VOTE FRAUD is factored into this. The plus margins are vote fraud.

These are the actual voting numbers and the actual numbers on election day. I can not attest to vote fraud in votes being flipped as they were for Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton, as the oligarchs would not desire to allow the public realize they are this united, as it would foment calls for investigations and prosecutions.

These are though the current numbers on inquiry and are close to the online polling in being correct of actual voters. The Democratic party which Bill Clinton vanquished, Nancy Pelosi glued back together, and Barack Obama shattered, is being dragged to a 3rd world back alley mob of colored whores sucking off rich fags, of absolutely no power.

We may not get these numbers, but the fraud polling is so obvious now, it points to Donald Trump is trouncing the field again as he did in the GOP.

Trump vote statistics

68% Caucasian
69% Negroid
38% Latin
62% Asian
53% Sodomite
62% Christian
46% Jew
70% Muslim

67% Male
84% Female

That is what inquiry marks as Donald Trumps voting percentages with the statistical categories.

It explains a great deal of the insanity in the press by the cartel, in the absolute lying and the MOG's all over Facebook greating upheaval. The problem in this is not that Donald Trump will win. The problem in this is the mad image Obama rush to start nuclear war with Russia and the weakness of Hamrod Clinton in her being replaced......along with the reality that the oligarchs can not allow this type of Donald Trump landslide providing the gravity for a revolution of this magnitude, which would produce an effect of Mr. Trump becoming the Government and returning America to a Republic.

Instinct tells me they will shave that 15% again to produce a 56% President Trump landslide, but not of the proportions of actual numbers. I could see fractional stealing from Jill Stein in the Bernie Sanders voters again, to cushion Mrs. Clinton with a 20% fictional voting block bringing her to the low 40's and then blaming Stein and Sanders for her defeat.

I would simply ask the people with hearts who are voting for Jill Stein to think about increasing the Trump margin as he does agree with Mrs. Stein as he did with Mr. Sanders on numbers of issues from the Federal Reserve to Jobs. There comes a time even in vote flipping and fractional voting that the casino software can not deal with numbers of landslide proportions.
There is not any use in appealing to the dope heads for Gary Johnson, as this is the same Paultard chicken with it's head off that was Cruz cult in people triggered by Mercer software.


GOODWIN: American journalism collapsing before our eyes...

What I am informing you of is the media is bare assed lying to you now in proportions I have never experienced to try and save themselves from criminal prosecution. There are MOG's on your comment pages and minders are non stop showing up at TL's address trying to bait with questions or change the dialogue, as this paid group of trolls is hijacking all of your conversations.
You have one thing to tell yourself every day and it is how you live your life.

Act like a winner in Donald Trump will be President in the November elections.

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