Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why Ugly Men Should Vote For Trump

 Editor's Note: We have before us Subject A who has been wearing a Donald Trump t shirt for 24 hours and has been captured by Hot Chic #345 and behind him is Subject B, who learning hot women glom onto Trump men, has just purchased his Trump shirt and is awaiting to be drained of bodily fluids in the next parked car.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Here is the convincing proof that all of you bed fuzz nerdy, ugly, weirdo males with little balls need to start putting on Trump T Shirts, as you can witness globally, that the mere presence of Donald Trump on a T Shirt has women with large breast, hot bods, and bedroom attitude simply glom onto them as "their man".

Is it not amazing that the chic magnet Donald Trump is, rubs off. Women just go wild for Donald Trump and will want to manfriend any male that is so Trump inclined.

This is contemplating news, because now it makes one wonder if the bulges in Hillary Clinton's pant suits are not all medical, but maybe she had Paul Manafort stealing napkins Donald Trump used in restaurants and Mrs. Clinton keeps them balled up on her body parts to get a thrill to get her through the day.

It makes sense why all these cucks are so cranky, because at night their wives, you know like Matt Walsh's nice looking wife, makes him wear the Donald Trump mask, and keeps making him Mark Levin, Bill Kristol, Ben Shaprio, Jonah Goldberg and Glenn Beck have to keep yelling out YOU'RE FIRED during sex.

Same for all these snarling maleshes for Hillary. It just is really bad when your dyke tells you, "Be a bitch for me and let me call you Donald tonight".

I would advise all the bed fuzz losers who hang out on Facebook and try to act intelligent, that you get yourself an entire wardrobe until you get the woman to the altar and after, maybe some Donald Trump underwear for the wedding night and later, to satisfy this woman who wants a man, and that way you will probably hold onto her for a few years.

Yes international chic is now Donald Trump. The secret that Melania, Marla and Ivana know, is now being discovered by hot women all across the world. I just caution all of these cucks that having a Trump woman call you their Don, or having to be called Donald during sex is a small price to pay, when you get to see the hoots and ride the chute, instead of just sitting in your basement, with your sticky keyboard, listening to Mark Levin.

As for you hot babes, who have creepy brothers who can never get a date. Go out and get them a Trump shirt and let Donald and a hot riding mama turn the little creep into a body fluid drained son of a bitch dying with a smile on his face.

Trump 2016