Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton's 5th Column

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is unsettling to see the pimps of the oligarchs in the cuckservatives, in example, Dave Blount, at Moonbattery, who constantly is ranting like Mark Levin in these over the top diatribes that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President.

The fact is that any Natural Born Citizen who is 35 years or older, is not a felon, can be President. Those are the qualifications in being a Good Citizen and that is Donald Trump.

There were 5 US Presidents without any political experience as Mr. Trump.

Zachary Taylor
Herbert Hoover
William Taft
Hiram Grant
Dwight Eisenhower

All of the above did as well as those who were Governors or Senators, and if one measures the above 5 to the likes of Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, they did very well. In fact for real Americans, which Barack Obama never was, the White House actually makes a President out of those born of the lowest orders as Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan.

What is distressing for the lunar brain in the lead of the moonbats in Dave Blount is the same exact racism and bigotry which has been dripping from this ilk from the start.

Today's Christ to be crucified is Thor, or Brad Thor, and he is not just a man who has endorsed Donald Trump due to logic, no he is a man who has had his thoughts injected into him by Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager.

Previously Brad Thor was one of the firmest voices among the conservative anti-Trump resistance. But it appears that talk radio sellouts Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager persuaded him to cave in.

There has been a long list of litmus test traitors in these odd cucks for the Constitutional Conservative, Ted Cruz wing of foreign born birther backers in the GOP, which started out with John Wayne's daughter and Sarah Palin. Nom de Dieu, did those women get politically raped by Cruz and the cult, and it descended into the filleting of Sean Hannity as a traitor to the latest in Brad Thor.

I have had issues with the lunacy of the cucks in #never trump, because the alternative is that dope head Gary Johnson who is more leftist than Bernie Sanders, good hearted Jill Stein who is going to try loving problems to death, and the worst of them all, the sick felon, Hillary Clinton. If this group of cucks who are funded by the oligarchs would simply stop being horrid, I would cease exposing what the are, and what they are is simple...........Obama has been dumping 20 trillion dollars into his Wall Street oligarchs, which when the money trail is followed, it is the graft funding Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and these worthless MOG's like Ben Shapiro, Dave Blount and whatever, are all on orders to protect their money train........just like Ted Cruz fled Indiana, after stories started appearing that Robert Mercer's millions were being laundered by Cruz to prop up that treacherous Glenn Beck.

I made absolutely no secret when this started when I backed Scott Walker, that I dumped him when he went Big Koch Obamatrade and that I was defending Donald Trump from attacks, and came to the point of endorsing him, to stop Jeb Bush, and I was not going to ever vote for another Rockefeller Republican like John Kasich as America was in trouble, and I certainly was not going to vote for Ted Cruz who is disqualified in not being Natural Born, as Obama was.
These same frauds in the cucks who back Cruz, shatter the Constitution over foreign birthed Cruz, and then lie about principles, when it is all about their money train, and the worst of it, to protect these Obama oligarchs funding them.

I voted for the Constitution Candidate, as I would not vote for Mormon Romney a Jesus denier, who just happened to be a Mexican birthed national who was disqualified too.

So I have principles and adhere to them. I also contend with Americans like Tom Gresham who was all NRA one issue, and then woke to reality that Hillary was not any future for America, and that he was voting Republican and voting for Donald Trump.

Brad Thor appeared on Gun Talk also and was still hemming and hawing around, but he has come to the conclusion of what I stated from the beginning in Donald Trump is the only horse we have to get out of here and any resistance to Mr. Trump is treachery and treason, as it enables the very traitors who implemented the Obama genocide of America.

I realize with a Donald Trump victory, that these cucks will fade away like Peggy Noonan, and when they get their orders they will be praising Donald Trump, the best thing since white rice, and they will like all of the detractors of Ronald Reagan conveniently forget what traitors they are. I will not though, and if it comes down to People's Courts in the French Revolution or George Washington Tory Exodus, I will make certain that all of this is remembered by the mob, and the oligarchs to save themselves will be most pleased to offer up the cucks to be torn apart by the mob.

It is so ridiculous to watch these whitewashed crypts like Dave Blount ranting for the cult lunatics they are, as if they somehow have principles or are some standard bearer for a movement of fat little white boys in Allen Harper shirts, when what they are is sell outs. Sell outs like Benedict Arnold to the Rosenbergs who sold the atomic bomb plans to the Soviets. Sell outs like Paul Ryan and John McCain for Obama.
Dave Blount like the rest simply sold out to the cash machine which props up Hillary Clinton.

The nice part now is that Brad Thor is on the American side, and has just been litmus test condemned, with a host of other Christians and Conservatives, that when the time comes for guilty and not guilty on the cuck traitors, they will have no friends in politics, in media, in the courts, in finance or of the people.

Principles are a fiction of those with jobs from the oligarchs. Reality is the 95 million Americans without jobs, stolen from them by the oligarchs. That is why Americans choose Donald Trump. He is the reality and Hillary Clinton is the fiction.

- Lame Cherry

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