Thursday, August 11, 2016

Save Hillary From Herself

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The fact is Hillary Clinton is brain damaged, and everyone knows it, in this cover up. It does not matter if it is symptomatic of Parkinsons or she has a bad prion in being the Mad Cow of 2016, because when it all comes down to it, it is a 3 AM call, and America can not in the Obama nuclear war era, have a Hamrod unable to wake up or a Hamrod unable to know what a Russia is, with 15 minutes until incoming strikes America. 

Hillary Clinton Brain Freeze

In the above video, there is another recent example of what Hillary Clinton's brain is in dysfunctional. These are speeches on teleprompters, and all she has to do is read them slowly, but in the above, you witness an old woman whose brain literally winks out again.

Whether you are a supporter of Hillary Clinton no matter what, or do no support Mrs. Clinton, there is a public good in this that you have to face the fact of, "Do you want to meet Hillary Clinton in a car while she is driving at 60 mph, and have her wink out for several seconds, as it is your child, your dog or your van she is speeding toward?"

Hillary Clinton must have her driver's license revoked, because if you would not want this woman driving toward you, it is a reality that she does not belong having her finger on a nuclear button.

The case in this is, what is best for Hillary Clinton?

So the people who support Hillary Clinton understand that in my supporting Donald Trump, that I am honest as all Trump supporters are, I offer this solution as a way out of it, because Hillary Clinton will lose in a landslide if she lives this long, and what I offer will make it harder for Donald Trump.

The Lame Cherry offers this. Have image Obama summon Bill and Chelsea to the White House, and inform them that this can not continue on, and then an intervention is going to have to take place by the DNC.
The best solution for Democrats would be to then nominate Joe Biden, as his brain is not yet completely goo, and ask Jill Stein of the Green Party as Vice President.
This ticket would be robust in being pro Obama and being pro Bernie Sanders.

Most on the American side would be aghast at my offering up another Solomon solution in this to the enemy, but I view this as a completely different animal in watching an old dinosaur like Hillary Clinton be cut down by the wear of time and leading the Democrats to epic defeat is what she deserves, but there is a sickening part in it in seeing this Khadaffi like torture of this old woman.
There is the bigger issue in this of there are forces who have been moving to set off a nuclear project in New York, as the solution to remove Hamrod for the Obama regime, as this woman will not leave on her own.

Literally Mrs. Clinton is now placing New York  City in nuclear jeopardy, along with the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia in cobalt nuclear fall out scorched earth. This is far too great of price to pay for one woman named Hillary Clinton. To stop the event of August which Dick Allgire saw in remote viewing, it is time to begin the process of interdiction with Hillary Clinton.

Sometimes it takes a village to join to save itself to be rid of a politician who will not go.

Mrs. Clinton is now guilty of fraud and conspiracy as her medical report release stated she had recovered, but there is not any semblance of a way that Mrs. Clinton ever recovered from degenerative brain damage. We all know this woman is sick, and for Democrats to keep whipping this flailing around old horse is not humane. They would rally to save a crippled race horse staggering to the finish line, and it is their responsibility to save Hillary Clinton from herself.

That is the reality of this. Call on image Obama to summon the Clintons, enact a DNC interdiction, nominate Joe Biden as the candidate and place Jill Stein of the Green Party on the ticket to provide a stable younger mind to support Mr.  Biden.

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