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Suicide Martyr Capt. Humayun Khan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Lame Cherry was the first to begin the exposure of the Militant Muslim Khan family which appeared at the DNC convention, speaking for Hillary Clinton and will note that Patriot, Corey Lewandowski and others have joined to challenge this IED attack upon Donald Trump, it is at this point to expose Captain Humanyun Khan for what he was.

This begins in the lies, because whenever you have Khizr Khan lying at the DNC in one story, the Daily Caller lying on their page with another story and the Arlington official site posting more lies, then he Truth is always the fiction in the no man's land of the lies.

Daily Caller lies:

While performing a routine vehicle inspection, a taxi with two men drove to the front gate of Khan’s base in a suspicious manner. Khan ordered his soldiers to “hit the dirt” and took about ten steps to the car while motioning for it to stop. That’s when the two men in the taxi detonated their explosives, killing themselves, Khan and two Iraqi soldiers.

Arlington Memorial lies:

Captain Humayun S. M. Khan, 27, of Bristow, Virginia, died June 8, 2004, in Baquabah, Iraq, after a vehicle packed with an improvised explosive device drove into the gate of his compound while he was inspecting soldiers on guard duty. 

If you note in this, one version has a moving vehicle, one a stopped. One version has Khan inspecting vehicles and one inspecting guards. Whenever you run into official accounts like this which do not match, there is a cover up and everyone is lying.

Then there is the first person eye witness account which begins to sift through the Truth so the Capt. Khan story can finally be exposed for what it was:

"Like I have so often before, I come to this web page to read and think about June 8th 2004. The events of that morning play through my mind over and over again. I had known CPT Khan for a brief 10 minutes as myself, SFC Rodriquez, and two of my soldiers were talking as the Iraqi workers assigned to my unit were coming through the gate. I saw the car sitting there on the road as I turned to walk away but didn't give it much thought. In the next instant I was face first on the ground showered by rocks and gravel. In the following confusion and chaos SFC Rodriquez stumbled out of the dust wounded and I pulled out a bandage for his neck and tried to help him as he called for help on the radio. Myself and another soldier rushed to CPT Khan but there was nothing we could do for him. We all did our best to help the wounded Iraqi workers and soldiers. I remember a young PFC that had taken a piece of shrapnel through his teeth helping me pull security. I asked him if he was okay and he told me "Sarge once everything is secure I'll get looked at." I can only echo what SFC Rodriquez has said what could any of us done differently. I did see the car but didn't say anything. I didn't realize it was a threat. I knew CPT Khan briefly but our lives will forever be linked. I am sorry for your loss."
SSG Maurice Jasmann of Co C 141 Engineers Task Force Trailblazers

Let us now begin the tale of Capt. Humanyun Khan.

Khan was a Captain in the Army. He obtained that position not by rising through the ranks on merit, but because he had a college degree, but this must be understood. When one graduates from college, one is awarded a Second Lieutenant rank. Khan in an extremely short period of time had been elevated two ranks in the US military which is extremely rare. So something was taking place in this Muslim's career outside the norm.

We know for certain that Khan served in Germany, in a special intelligence group:

Headquarters Company, 201st Forward Support Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, Vilseck, Germany. 

This "forward support" is code of Drone assassinations and infiltrating the enemy. That is what Khan assigned to in Germany. He was US military intelligence.

Khan was fast promoted, not because he wanted to use the military to get a law degree, but because the military was in short supply of Muslims who would "attack their own". That is how he became a Captain and was in Iraq, on the hinterlands in an inter tribal and inter Islamic war.
Pakistani's are Suni. Saddam's forces are Suni. The southern Iraqi are Shia with Iran. In the north are the Muslim Kurds.

Saddam's security forces had been removed, and the previous year, a Russian intelligence, backing Iranian intelligence, began manufacturing IED's with the full support of the cartel, to bring George W.  Bush to his knees, in punishing the Bush administration for taking the billions in Saddam oil from the Clinton oil for palaces program.

This vacuum created "the need" for an Iraqi security force to prowl the streets. That is what Capt. Khan was involved in, in hiring disgruntled Iraqi's, paying them 5 dollars, to be thugs on the streets. This was the genesis of ISIS which the Obama Clinton regime amplified to terrorize the Mideast and create a security conduit for the dope, human slave and oil trafficking which made ISIS a billion dollar enterprise.

June 8th, 2004 reveals a great deal, as the Truth begins to unfold. The Iraqi 'workers' were not kitchen staff, but Khan's paid thugs, entering the base. They entered the base by checkpoint in passes Khan had provided for them.
In an absolute unprofessional conduct, Khan was assembling his thugs in reviewing them in plain sight and in absolute danger.

The vehicle? This was a special pass, because it was not sitting. It was not driving. It has been admitted to the base through the checkpoint, on papers verified by Khan.

The reality is, those were Khan's people in that suicide car, and they had patterned Khan's daily misconduct in linking up Iraqi thugs by the gate. It would require additional forensic evidence, but the fact is Khan was exposing himself  and others deliberately for some period of time. We know that his father was  browbeating him about being a murderous Muslim in a Great Satan war against Muslims. As the world has noted the inner conflict of these 3rd world Muslims in other "going postal" situations, it is evident to suspect that Capt. Khan was attempting to commit suicide in martyrdom, with subconsciously or deliberately.

Khan's deployment was up, but he opted to re enlist, exposing himself to further danger. Hence the suicide suspicion.

We know for the eye witness account, that the Americans were there and had met Khan 10 minutes previously in this exposed position. They noted the car, but did not make the connection as no one would suspect the US military was granting passes to terrorists and allowing cars packed with bombs into a secure base.

It is of particular note to examine the actions of Capt. Khan, because when he noticed his people in that car, he did not move his men away and sound the alert to clear the area. Instead, he approached the vehicle as these were his people.
For those who claim the hero title for Khan in "He told his men to hit the dirt", we revisit the American eye witness who was there, knocked flat by the bomb blast, not noting one word from Khan warning the Americans.
Conclusion, Khan was not speaking English, but Aramaic, or Khan said nothing at all.  This concludes the stories are lies in the official propaganda or Khan did not do a single thing to wan the American there.

That then brings the conclusion to this examination of what the Lame Cherry asked exclusively, in was Capt. Khan a suicide bomber?

Was Khizr Khan's son a Suicide Bomber?

Is it not as viable a conclusion that Khan, browbeaten by his jihadi father, as numbers of Muslims are as in the Orlando shootings of sodomites, in Khan saw his opportunity to take the martyr way out, and decided to take as many as the infidels as he could with him for his 70 virgins to be forgiven by the prophet?

Capt. Khan was a leader of assassins in Iraq. For your absolute understanding, those verified bombers were his people, It was HIS RESPONSIBILITY to screen them, but this Muslim officer was either incompetent or in collusion. This Capt. Khan deserved no medals, no Purple Heart, and should have had court martial inquiry into his misconduct, but of course in "pamper thy Muslim" as Obama enjoys non stop in the Saudi oil terror world, no one is going to investigate the facts to find the Truth as it would ruin their careers.

That is why this nonsense propaganda flooded the the internet in the "Muslim hero". Army Intelligence was covering their ass in a major FUBAR, as the Saudi money in the Bush regime was telling us Muslims were just like us, and in reality their star assassin trainer for the foundation of ISIS has evidence that he was mentally unbalanced, and when it came time to save Americans, the Americans never heard a word of English warning them.

What Military Intelligence is covering up is that this was not the first time a 'taxi' had driven into the base with Iraqi's. This was a signal that this was some VIP of Khan as normal Iraqi's could not afford the transport. Projected out, this was some terror lord or more to the point, a terror lord associate. Estimate as Saddam did not have suicidal Muslims in his ranks, this was a Shia terror group striking at Suni Khan, because the "Khan ISIS" was neutralizing this other terror group in their power and traffick.

Khan was Pakistani and his mother spoke Persian, but all the same, he should have known the passes and lack of security, with an open door for VIP terrorists was going to bring disaster.......and in that, he certainly did know and concludes his martyr status surpasses the hero status, and it literally exposes the commander of the base to being incompetent, and the commander of  201st was criminally incompetent, as from the Marine bombing in Beirut decades before to the year previous start of suicide bombings in IED's, the military was fully aware of the dangers, and instead Khan was handing out passes to terrorists and VIP taxi rides to terrorists.

"Hit the dirt", why did not the Americans standing there hear it? If it was in Arab, then why did Khan not warn the Americans first where his loyalties should lay? Why was Khan patterning himself in exposing his person and his Iraqi trainees to danger?

The conclusion above in Capt. Khan was no hero, and reinforced by his Muslim Brotherhood jihadist father in Khizr going IED on Donald Trump for the Clinton campaign, point to another twisted Muslim soul looking to be a martyr.

The Muslim propaganda machine is busy brainwashing all the Muslims in and out of the military now in what Hillary Clinton lit with Khizr Khan at the DNC in Philadelphia, creating more of these events.

The above picture and caption -- "Beware of dying as an apostate" -- were included in Dabiq 15 within an article heavily quoting Koranic passages regarding what punishment is due to a Muslim, both in this life and in the afterlife, who has strayed from the duty of jihad.

The next Muslim event is the responsibility of Khizr Khan and Hillary Clinton, and it all rests in the cover up the US military engaged in concerning Capt. Khan.

It is disgusting to slap medals on martyr events like this, as it degrades every Soldier who was awarded a medal for being a Patriot.

Let the Lame Cherry be succinct in this, so you understand. ALL Muslims should have been stopped and searched at the gate, by Iraqi military under full supervision by Military Police.
The commander of the 201st should have read Khan the riot act, along with the base commander for exposing himself and men by the gate.
He literally should have been confined to quarters for discipline, the first time a VIP taxi was allowed into that compound.

It is all this political officer, Muslim and sodomite cuddling, which is the cause of this, and the commanding officers are responsible and their political allies are equally responsible for all of this explosion of murder and terrorism.

There is nothing heroic in Capt. Khan. He was training Muslim terrorists and most likely martyred himself and tried to take Americans with him. The commanders, the Pentagon and Bush43 covered their asses for this incompetence and covered it all up with medals, so Hillary Clinton and the radicalized father could drag the corpse around the DNC and CNN  could beat Donald Trump with it.

This entire klusterfuck is going to be a priority for President Donald Trump, in this entire officer corp must be flushed and these Muslims all have to be quarantined as they are unbalanced and lethal.

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