Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Failed Assassination of Ryan Bundy

 Ryan Bundy

 The Obama Clinton Police State now beating up handicapped Citizens in Prison

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I am going to share a synopsis of what apparently happened to Ryan Bundy, after he told the Obama regime to "stick it" in not allowing the regime to carve on his body to remove a bullet that someone who is not Oregon State Police, put inside of him illegally and is being covered up.

After Mr. Bundy was in court and refused to have his body cut open to remove the bullet in this shoulder, he was awakened very early the next morning, with no appointments or hearings to attend, but was told he was being moved.

When he asked where he was being moved to, this was deemed refusal to obey orders and he was manhandled out of his prison cell, where at the top of the stairs a Sgt. Curtis Sanders attempted to push Mr. Bundy down the stairs. In whatever happened, the result was:

He was severely hurt, with his wrist dislocated, his thumb either broken or dislocated, knee trouble, and head injuries. 

Following these injuries he was made to sit for hours at the court house as stated there were not hearings or reason to be there. This was pure torture.

While Mr. Bundy was being tortured at the court house, someone entered his cell and removed all of his defense papers and threw them into garbage bags.

Upon his return, Mr. Bundy was given a prison house hearing, where he was basically gag ordered, as the guards accused him, and he was sentenced by the prison official to solitary confinement before his trial, and 10 days after his trial to September 17th.

Apparently this year 2 inmates have gone tits up at the jail where Mr. Bundy is awaiting trial.

There is no sense in making grand statements about rights or how criminal this is in this Loretta Lynch kangaroo court system run by goons, as this is situation normal in the American Gulag. It is a reality that the oligarchs fully intend to smash all American landowner resistance to seize their property and use the police state to crush everyone and send a message for the rest of the sheep to simply become mutton.

Either Donald Trump is elected President or every one of us, whether liberals  like Cornell West or conservatives like Ricky Vaughn are all going to the Hillary Clinton dungeons.

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