Saturday, August 13, 2016

There is Hope

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is not stranger to expressing my complete distrust to the murderous police state in America, as our Police are not our Police, but instead are these trained sociopaths by spooks to murder Americans first and never question later as they are spiked by these Obama zombie Afroids who keep inciting these trigger happy cops to react.

There is hope though IF the local police would join in majority to protect Donald Trump and carry through the Trump Agenda no matter what.

The local Police are the ones who can take control in communities, meaning arresting every damned corrupt politician which is trying to get them fired or jailed. IF these union cops would join Mr. Trump to the last person, and IF these union cops would let Americans know that they are no longer going to be stealing from them in speed traps or doing other donut things, but will join with the Public to take America back for Mr. Trump, then there are not enough federals to protect the oligarchs or the Obama regime stealing this for Hillary Clinton the crook.

I applaud the Florida Police for coming out and protecting Mr. Trump. This is the strongest message that can be sent. IF all the police would get off their asses and show up in mass rally for Mr. Trump, and show the Citizens that they want the Public to stand with them armed and unarmed, then this entire rotting corpse of the federal regime will be not infecting the State and Local politicians who think they can be dictators f*cking up all our lives, because they have Obama Clinton protection.

This is ass backwards in politically saving America, as I have lost all faith in the police, but if the Police will rise up in mass, in EVERY city, reaching out to the Public for their support and coming out to protect Donald Trump in a message that NOTHING HAPPENS TO MR. TRUMP of the tens of thousands of Police in America will march, backed by 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump, and this will rectified in taking America back.

The Police are welcome and the Lame Cherry praises these Florida Police, along with the Border Patrol. This is the community of the Silent Majority, the militia and the protect and serve Police who have vanished from America.