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Paul Ryan: One Plus Fractal Voting

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As two Paul Ryan thugs decided to attack the Tiger Lily on Facebook with hate speech, it is at this point to out Paul Ryan for his stealing the election from Paul Nehlen, exactly as Ted Cruz and Reince Priebus colluded to menace voters to steal the election from Donald Trump in the exact same way.

This is the list of e vote fraud companies which ran the casino gaming software to provide Paul Ryan with the miraculous numbers, which his urban slice polling published in the great Paul Ryan margin in more fraud polls, to set all of this up.

Approved Voting Equipment Manufacturers

All of these systems have been proven to swap votes or to tabulate a percentage of votes for the outsider, while the crook insider gains ONE PLUS FRACTAL VOTING.

This has all been covered by Bev Harris recently in how even with paper ballots, the voting machines are electronically counting votes by fractions. So for the Ryan Twatsuckers who demand empirical evidence which they of course will still deny being minders sent out to bully people, this is the start of the Paul Ryan pissing contest.

Fraction Magic – Part 1: Votes are being counted as fractions instead ...
Bev Harris
May 12, 2016 - The results of this study demonstrate that a fractional vote feature is embedded in ... alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages to redistribute votes. ... Bev Harris is a writer and founder of Black Box Voting. ... al you gut wrenching hard work to expose this travesty of corruption and fraud!

In short, Paul Ryan is such a sociopathic small persona, like image Obama, that he simply can not steal an election, Ryan has to piss on his opponent to "teach" them a lesson.

We begin with Rock County, due to the fact they are legally mandated to publish election data immediately, but there is only the April results available, but this starts out with in Rock County is one of the few counties which Ted Cruz could not flip for himself, as it is so overwhelming for Donald Trump.......and yet somehow we have no data on this county, but of course it is supposed to have gone for Ryan who has this recurring and mysterious margin in all areas, including Paul Nehlen's home county in Nehlen only gets in the low teens.

Donald J. Trump (Republican)

41.47% 10,283

Ted Cruz (Republican) 36.50% 9,049

It is interesting in I was just reading one of the cuckservative ranters who are party people saying that Vladimir Putin winning by Paul Ryan margins were not elections, but vote fraud.

Odd how no one is calling out Paul Ryan as a vote fraud, like Sean Hannity was calling President Putin a GANGSTER.

Oh and according to Wisconsin state law, I will repeat that it is mandated that every county publish vote tallies immediately after the election........well Rock County results where Mr. Nehlen lives were not posted and Milwaukee County has absolutely no election results posted either.

Of course violating state law is nothing of concern in empirical evidence, when you are a head up your asstard Ryan bully not content to celebrate a Red Square stolen vote, but you have to for your shallow Cuck Ryan go out and cause the Lame Cherry to actually start investigating this.

Milwaukee County election results not posted as of August 10, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

So for empirical evidence the Lame Cherry has proven that two counties in the Paul Ryan landslide violated Wisconsin state law in not immediately publishing election results and this is the copy and photo from the Wisconsin Secretary of State demanding this law be followed.

Wisconsin County Election Websites

On Election Night, state law requires Wisconsin's 72 County Clerks to publish unofficial election results.

Kenosha County

Representative in Congress District 1 - Republican

( 114 polls reporting out of 114 )

 Paul Ryan
8157 (76%)
 Paul Nehlen
2596 (24%)

Racine County is typical of the Ryan "landslide" except one interesting humiliation was awarded Paul Nehlen who did not win one precinct in all of the published data, but Paul Nehlen did get one generous gift from Speaker Paul Ryan:

C. RAC IND WD 5 : 4 VOTES RYAN : 9 VOTES NEHLEN Total 13 votes

Such generosity from Paul Ryan can not be overlooked in this humiliation election theft, because in WD 4, Ryan stole 5 votes and gave Nehlen 1.
The vote fraud which Ryan has undertaken is not going to make the Obama lazy mistakes of 2012 in Obama stealing entire districts and Mitt Romney not gaining one vote. No, Paul Ryan always makes certain that Paul Ryan gets a few votes and generously allowed Paul  Nehlen to win one race with 9 votes to 4 votes.

I told you Paul Ryan was a backstabbing son of a bitch who knifed old John Boehner in being being that coup, which Conservatives got blamed for. Now you see what the sadistic character is of Obama's blank checker speaker of the house.

Walworth County

Rep-Congress D1


Number of Precincts
Precincts Reporting
Total Votes

Paul Ryan
Paul Nehlen
Write-in Votes

So you are reminded in this, the Gateway Pundit reported a real poll which showed that Paul Ryan's numbers were plunging and yet Paul Ryan "wins" in a landslide epic of Saddam Hussein proportions?

Paul Ryan Tanks=> Drops to 43% In Latest Wisconsin Poll
Jul 10, 2016 - Paul Ryan sank to 43% in the latest Wisconsin poll of likely primary voters. .... He has been rather quite on BLM. . looks like he does not want to offend them while ... The more people see this fraud, the more they dislike him.

If one notices 8 precincts did not record any votes in Waukesha County, and the tabulations

Waukesha County

Representative in Congress, District 1 (REP)
(Contest Votes  13,622;  Write-ins  5)
Paul Ryan 12,193 89.5%
Paul Nehlen 1,424 10.5%
37 of 37 Units reported: 100%

 Reporting Unit

Paul RyanPaul Nehlen
T Eagle W1,2,3,4 449 63
T Genesee W1,3,5,9 346 20
T Genesee W2,4,10 363 50
T Genesee W6,7,8 388 58
T Mukwonago W1,7,8 260 31
T Mukwonago W2,3,9,10,11 465 48
T Mukwonago W4,5,6 343 47
T Ottawa W1,2,3,4,5 571 77
T Vernon W1,8,9,10,11 571 70
T Vernon W2 - 7 671 92
T Waukesha W2,3,4,5,6 569 79
T Waukesha W7,9,10,11 441 59
V Big Bend W1,2,3,4 162 27
V Dousman W1,2,3 291 23
V Eagle W1,2 228 30
V Mukwonago W1 - 10 780 77
V North Prairie W1,2,3 310 31
V Wales W1,2,3,4 351 40
C Muskego W1,2,3 664 81
C Muskego W4,5 511 49
C Muskego W6,7,8 559 70
C Muskego W9,10 491 46
C Muskego W11,12 572 53
C Muskego W13,14 582 66
C Muskego W15,16 476 36
C New Berlin W15 225 31
C New Berlin W16 281 37
C New Berlin W19 23 3
C New Berlin W21 250 30
C Waukesha W39 0 0
C Waukesha W40 0 0
C Waukesha W41 0 0
C Waukesha W42 0 0
C Waukesha W43 0 0
C Waukesha W44 0 0
C Waukesha W45 0 0
C Waukesha W49 0 0
Totals 12,1931,424

So those are the facts, which will never satisfy the empirical data deniers, because we know for certain that even with vote fraud, Ted Cruz could not swipe enough votes in District 1, where Donald Trump kicked Ted Cruz's ass, and yet we are being brainwashed to believe that Paul  Ryan, who has been an absolute traitor to the Republican Party and Donald Trump, wins by a landslide a short time late against a candidate the press was calling mini Trump?

Counties in direct violation of Wisconsin law in not reporting election results for days. Precincts where the entire population disappeared in no one voted. Polls showing Ryan's numbers plunging. A District which went hard for Donald Trump, but does not go hard for mini Trump, and the reality that Conservative powerhouses Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter brought no interest to this race in Wisconsin.

Those are the facts and none of this adds up, unless of course you are Ted Cruz in vote fraud, or Obama in vote fraud, stealing two elections.....or that is right unless one is Paul Ryan, a cucktard who could not even deliver Wisconsin in the 2012 Presidential election to Mitt Romney......but he wins by a landslide against the surging Paul Nehlen.

Paul Ryan 43% voter approval of likely primary voters on July 10th, and somehow on August 9th, Paul Ryan is "winning" by 76%. The statistics, the reality and the numbers just do not add up, no more than Ryan trolls descending all over the internet bullying those who are posting the reality that Paul Ryan stole this election.

If Ryan is so clean in this, why is he sending out his personal goon squad thugs to spread propaganda?

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