Tuesday, September 27, 2016

All Hillary Clinton has is fake polling

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It would really be nice if you militia of voters would not run away like your ancestors in 1812 every time the British fired a few volleys over your head. You really are sunshine patriots where God forbid a gull casts a shadow on you overhead and you immediately think Wormwood is coming to get you.

How can your enemies have any semblance of respect for you, when all you do is get rattled by one of their lies.

Donald Trump had a resounding victory over Hillary Clinton. The real polling shows it, but let George Nouri or CNN tout a scientific poll which is nothing more than a poll rigged for Hillary by oversampling, and suddenly you doubt all you know and believe.
For America's sake grow a pair of ovaries already if you are female and a set of balls if you are male.

I noted that the cunt lipped one of Right Wing News, John Hawkins had featured a poll from PPP  in Hillary Clinton "winning". I know few of you are Patriot enough to actually go to a poll site and read the data sample, but in this PPP poll, you find this:

If you are a Democrat, press 1. If a Republican,
press 2. If an independent or a member of
another party, press 3.
Independent/Another part

So the "sample" which was set up BEFORE the debate at 68% anti Trump deliberately, is the one which shows Hamrod had a 51/40 "win", but if you think about it, it is a complete unmitigated disaster for Hamrod as she should have been head by her 50 points, as she had a 68 point lead spotted her........and Donald Trump even in this bias treasonous sample is still within striking range.

Literally that is what all of us is faced with. Hillary had the debate questions. Hillary cheated with an eyewig. That NBC Holt was her debater as Hillary could not take out Donald Trump, and they both failed. They set traps which failed.  They had preconditioned talking points which failed, and they had rigged oversampled polls set up, and all of it failed.
All of it failed, but Nom de Deus, you have 50 polls of the PEOPLE saying Donald Trump obliterated Hillary Clinton, and you sit there and quiver over one propaganda lie. It is a good thing most of you were not out of the womb in the Cold War, or we would all be speaking Russian, instead of trying to unlearn Obama Soviet.

This group of propagandists are all paid like pollsters to find the result of the oligarchs who are paying them to manipulate each of you. Each of you has got to be a little more confident to BELIEVE in yourselves as you are sure as hell haughty enough the other 23 hours 59 minutes of the day in thinking you know it all.....after you get it figured out for you here.

Does it occur to you how desperate Hillary Clinton's situation is, that all she did was LIE in the debate with Donald Trump, and all she had were a few tricks to try and get Mr. Trump to trap himself, which did not work, because Mr. Trump is the brilliant one in this race among all of us, and her fall back was more lies in spin, and a media lying again with rigged polling.

I will tell you again in all you have to do until your vote on election day when you verify it was Donald Trump you were voting for is this:

1. Support Donald Trump no matter what.
2. When the opportunity now arises tell people Mr Trump is our only hope with a few examples.
Example A: Mr. Trump will not have anyone under 50,000 pay income taxes so no more IRS for the poor.
Example B: Mr. Trump will stop the terrorism in America by capturing all the criminals Obama let in.
3. Just keep telling yourself that Donald Trump by God's Grace is going to win this and calm down.

No one is asking you like the Minute Men to take a bullet ok. Homeland is not visiting you like it is some popular people trying to save America. You can hide behind bushes, stumps, trees, even under your bed, but for your sake, just keep posting and talking about supporting Donald Trump, and stop listening to the lies designed to make you doubt, and on election day, go verify your vote for Donald Trump.

Seriously, if you are in some pissy metro, see about voting before the election so you can just be safe and not have the hassle.

Just remember Donald Trump won the debate and Hillary Clinton lost the debate. All your adversaries have is lies, and they will try to spin it to a "Hillary win", but in this case Sean Homo Hannity is doing a great job in pointing out the things which are in the above. Just keep hammering at this and keep the Faith, as it is like Christ having the Victory, as in Donald Trump has the victory, all you have to do is hold on to November 9th and receive it, as Mr. Trump is securing it for you.

Donald Trump won the debate.