Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sticking on Stupid


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a posting going around online concerning someone with the Alt Right, receiving funding for a venture to somehow get an air horn, and then blast it within 15 feet of Hillary Clinton.

As you ponder that more than the person who is engaged in this, it is probably a reality that a few points, legal points be made in this.

1. Hillary Clinton in Nevada focused her attention on the Alt Right.
2. At the Nevada rally, someone with the Alt Right yelled PEPE, and was immediately pounced on by Secret Service.

Now that we understand that those in the regime are quite aware of the Alt Right and Hillary Clinton desires them erased from the planet, let us run a scenario, in whether this is regime sponsored event as Hutatree with a MOG pushing this or if this is just a group of people who have not thought any of this out.

So we have a Hillary Clinton rally, and someone has smuggled in, a banned air horn. They get close as in 15 feet and pull it out..........

We now have a situation where Hillary supporters are probably going to notice this device and think it is dangerous in being a gun or bomb, and might just start screaming this.

What do you think the armed Secret Service is going to do?

Let us examine this further in this tard blasts a device at Mrs. Clinton. Doing so is legally considered an assault. That is 5 to 20 years on a Presidential candidate.

Progress this in the air horn actually causes a 68 year old sick woman to:

1. Freeze
2. Faint
3. Fall and break something
4. Have a stroke or heart attack

That is 20 years to life, if the person is not shot.

Now progress this out further in,we have someone who smuggled an illegal device into a rally. Assaulted a 68 year old sick woman, and she has broken something or is bleeding from a cut.

Great pictures aren't they, but what will the press do with them?

How about the headlines:

Trump Supporter Assaults Hillary Clinton Worsening Condition.

Elections postponed as Mrs. Clinton Recovers from Terror attack by Alt Right

FBI Conducts Nationwide Sweep in Rounding up Alt Right Terrorists

This is quite serious in this America has a tard with an idea which has not been thought through. It is an event which will only assist Mrs. Clinton in sympathy, ruining all of the work Matt Drudge and Breitbart engaged in exposing Mrs. Clinton's sickness. This is now compounded by idiots who apparently have donated to this.
For those who have done this, think of it this way, in how would it look in 1963 if you were donating the Lee Harvey Oswald mail order gun purchases?

Can you say conspiracy which gets people meetings with Homeland, Secret Service and FBI, which nets them 7 to 50 years in prison.

The Alt Right has in logic, numbers of MOG's, minders of government, in it's association and odds are in the leadership. It has a design like the Tea Party to be taken over and neutralized as that is what the FBI does. It employs Jesse Jackson for Blacks or Hal Turner for the Storm Front.
The Alt Right is quite adept at caustic satire, but it now has sowing into it an event which none of them apparently have factored out. It should be noted by the Bundy group, that sharing posts and liking posts, means one is part of the conspiracy and the regime will appear with warrants.

Then what follows are minders posting on all the Mockingbird stories being produced, and the Alt Right in silence because they are in custody in their leadership, while their followers run for hiding under their beds, and comments and stories are posted about them, which even their own mother would damn them.

There are three rules in this which the Lame Cherry never violates.

1. One never threatens anyone.
2. One never allows themselves to be associated with violent events or thoughts
3. One never likes or posts anything that can ever be construed as an affirmation of an attack upon a person, a candidate or the regime.

Some tard has seized upon a mention of some posting apparently in thinking that blowing an air horn will cause a seizure in Mrs. Clinton and has not thought this through or is being guided by a minder to act out. They have now involved the Alt Right, and have involved however many people with donations as conspirators. None of which is going to hurt Mrs. Clinton as the spin will be used to destroy the Alt Right and swing the election to Hamrod, by blaming Mr. Trump.

This type of asinine stupidity could seize defeat from the jaws of victory.

It does not make any difference if you are Alt Right or Black Lives Matter. Stop being stupid. Stop being led into situations which destroy your credibilty by political interests using you. If anything has a hint of something which the regime could twist in filing charges, then you block the person or group and end the association.

I am going to explain something in historical context which apparently all have missed. Over 2 years ago billionaires started shopping around for a "candidate" on the right, because they knew this Tea Party thing was evolving, and these connected powerful people KNEW from psychological data provided to them, that they could buy a candidate like Ted Cruz and own the White House, the way Buffett and Wall Street own the Obama regime.
Donald Trump noted this surge out there and became the candidate.

The Alt Right began growing about the same time in influence off of Storm Front, and up popped Milo, the British fag antithesis of what this group adheres to. The evidence points to someone highly connected in the Shadowlands is manipulating the Alt Right to exploit this as it is growing, and the Jewish press is doing it's utmost to keep it trending by being a punching bag.

History shows the Bush fam picked off Conservatives like Birther Hussein picked off Hillary Clinton's rival in John Edwards. The question in this is, as the brashness of the Alt Right has risen, that someone might pull a Hutatree and use an event to bring this all crashing down to ruin this movement to diffuse it, and to cripple Donald Trump.

One never threatens anyone, and one never takes actions against another person, for if they do, it brings a legal response, and that legal response connects to all who posted it as a good idea.

Donald Trump knows what he is doing. Let Mr. Trump do the thinking and acting. Your part is to just promote Mr. Trump, allow God to expose whatever is ailing Mrs. Clinton at the right time, and the only action you take is to go out and legally vote on election day.

This is not some game. The forces Mr. Trump is up against murder 500,000 Syrians as policy, drag old Khadaffi through the street and laugh about his murder, and they shoot old Finicums as reminders who is in charge.
Stop being stupid and let the adult Donald Trump run this campaign, so you are not used as an event to destroy all of us.

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