Friday, September 30, 2016

The Trump Hump

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I am not so much pondering the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Debate, but more of what a study it is in the Trump Hump Phenomenon. One would have thought after the smears and slurs against Donald Trump from Bush fam, cucks, Ted Cruz and the Obama media from the start, that Mrs. Clinton would have had a more intelligent plan in the first debate, than to attempt this gambit again.

In study of this, there was more intrigue from Mrs. Clinton planned in that event than a Russian novel, acted out in a Mideast Bazaar, scripted by Agatha Christy in a Shylock character. Mrs. Clinton spent two hours trying to bait Mr. Trump concerning women, and he would not stoop to Bill Clinton's level. That then brought out the most "Hillary in the Box" moment where out of the blue she started ranting about women abuse, and the press of course having been given her talking points, jumped on this to crucify Donald Trump with it.

This lasted about 36 hours and then Mrs. Clinton's cheating permeated the conversation, and her choice of the Miss Unifat poster porker started blowing up on her, as we found out she was not only a beefer eating the third world to famine, but she was driving get away cars, getting prego by dope lords and part of assassinating a judge.
I realize that after Vince Foster, Benghazi and Col. Khadaffi sort of reveal that Hillary Clinton is a bit long on the tooth, fang and claw in not thinking drug lord sex, assassination plots and eating starving children is something to embraced, but for the rest of humanity, it sort of leaves the impression that Mrs. Clinton picked out all the people in the world, the beauty pageant version of her heinous self.

In all of this, we once again have witnessed the Trump Hump, the phenomena of MOG's or minder of government like NASCAR was at the beginning in smearing Mr. Trump, a great wave of Truth appearing, and in the end, the public entirely defending and becoming Trump allies again.

It does not make any difference in what the smears are, from Jeb Bush eminent domain to Marco Rubio admiring the size of Donald Trump's hands, it always by God's Grace is an event which spikes, creates an insane hysteria. which settles out after the emotions wane, and then logical minds begin the discourse, as the Obama media shamefully goes silent, and Mr. Trump is shown right again, to which everything settles down and those behind the smear, lose political support.

The situation for Hillary Clinton has become extremely grave as Black Americans are moving to Mr. Trump in waves upon waves, as are Hispanics. She was in a near panic over Florida as Blacks and Cubans are supporting Mr. Trump, handing him a landslide in that state. In a strange situation, Mrs.Clinton has begun targeting the ultra leftist Gary Johnson in  trying to make him road kill and peal off voters from the Libertarians.
This is puzzling as why Mrs. Clinton would think a dope smoking sodomite group, with hands off all things, would naturally vote for her, after her attacks on Johnson, makes absolutely no political sense. It is again though one of these miscalculations as Johnson Weld were entered into this race to split the Trump vote, and at this juncture, leftist Gary Johnson is hurting Mrs. Clinton more, as the Bernie Sanders voters are moving toward Donald Trump after his betrayal, and a minority is choosing Jill Stein.

I take the different track of what leftists think in Jill Stein is to the left of Hillary Clinton, when numbers of her policies are in fact quite right wing, as were Bernie Sanders on jobs and the federal reserve. The Stein voters are principled activists, who have been taken advantage of on environmental issues by the Obama regime, but in reality numbers of their positions are Trump positions, and this is why Hillary Clinton is not targeting Ms. Stein as those voters have nothing in common with Clinton as she touts global warming, cruising around on her private jets.

It is all part of the Trump Hump. It is the curve which has formed a pattern. At the beginning it tends to be a process which teaches Trump supporters, in they do become tense over it and doubt, but by the end of a five days, the Trump supporters have learned the lesson and this foundation which keeps growing, the provides Mr. Trump support to provide a discourse which turns the original attacks back on the perpetrator, which is taking place against Mrs. Clinton.

That is what is perplexing in this, in we have witnessed this take place 16 times in the GOP against Mr. Trump to their utter ruin. We have witnessed this in Univision and NASCAR suffer the same results of being vanquished. It was a pure insanity condition on Hillary Clinton's action to think she could somehow make this process work to her advantage when it ruined everyone else. It is the Trump gravitational effect. Hillary Clinton though things would fall up for her, and they fell down too.

The only action which ever proved beneficial for any candidate, media or business was their feigning support as Ted Cruz did early and as Rush Limbaugh lurked around on.  Literally, Hillary Clinton has one option and that is to stop attacking Donald Trump to her demise, and instead start telling everyone how much she likes Donald Trump and how she would look forward to working with him.

This of course would sound insane to John Podesta whose direction has been burying Hillary Clinton as a sick old bag, but the fact is the only chance Hillary Clinton has, is to become Donald Trump's greatest cheerleader. Otherwise, in the coming weeks, Hillary Clinton will attempt again to bump on Donald Trump, and the Trump Hump will bury here in the coming avalanches.

Put it this way, John Podesta dug the grave for Hamrod. She nose dove in on 9 11 into the abyss. In the first debate, Hillary Clinton closed the lid on the coffin. She keeps this up in the next two debates and in her October Surprise and she will be capping off her epitaph on a piece of marble.

Donald Trump has a charismatic blessed ability, in like the Star Trek corbomite of fiction. Anyone trying to bury him, ends up buried in the Trump Hump. That is not a fiction. That is the reality which keeps repeating itself.

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