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Trump Reformers: President Grover Cleveland

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President Donald Trump is going to face monumental reforms in all areas of domestic American policy and American foreign policy relations after the disaster of the schizophrenic George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama "neocon years" of forming the world in their own image by tearing it down and apart.

In this we must look to the past, and it will surprise both Democrats and Republicans, that the Lame Cherry is going to champion one of the greatest Presidents in world history, because he is a Democrat. I will tell you that this Democrat was a forerunner of Ronald Reagan on steroids, and yet I could offer you ten guesses who this President is, and you would never guess, because he has been so obscured by history, as he was beyond even the reforms of John Kennedy.

The President was Grover Cleveland, the first Democrat elected to the Presidency after the Civil War and the genocide which had been unleashed on Confederates for a decade by the heinous zealots of the North, who were not content with Lincoln and Johnson compassions, but drove to grind the South perpetually to oblivion.

Grover Cleveland was born in Caldwell, New Jersey to a Presbyrteran minister in a family of 9 children and was raised in upstate New York, and was a lawyer in Buffalo.
At age 44 he was elected as Mayor of Buffalo, and a year later he was elected the refrom Governor of New York. His tools were the veto and ending political corruption in that State.

Along with Democrats, Grover  Cleveland gained the support of the Mugwumps, or Reform Republicans as America was suffering endlessly from insider control. He won with 29,000 votes.

President Cleveland transformed himself in the White House, although being a common man in tastes. Being a bachelor, he married the gorgeous 21 year old Frances Folsom, whom he would have 5 children with.

Where President Cleveland surpassed all was his stalwart focus  to end corruption and graft in the United States Government. No one was immune.
When 10,000 dollars was appropriated for drought stricken farmers in Texas, he vetoed it. When Congress tried to cover disabilities not caused by the Civil War to Veterans, Cleveland vetoed that too. The public money as Davy Crockett was lectured to by one of his constituents years before, is not for Congress to hand out to any special interest of the time, whether it was needed or not, because every person has a special interest for free money.

The wrath of the powerful railroads came upon President Cleveland when he forced them to return 81 million acres they had chiseled out of the Government for building railroads. In 1887, Cleveland signed the Interstate Commerce Act to monitor the railroads.

He next went after business with the high tariffs. One must understand that tariffs are a correct thing in protecting American business and raising tax money for the Government from foreign imports so the people are not taxed. What had taken place in the years after the Civil War though to Grover Cleveland's time, was big business was gouging Americans in their products and tariffs were making prices higher on imported foreign goods.
If you look at the Gun Faction in America under the Obama regime, you are viewing the same monopoly. Obama stops importing cheap foreign guns from Russia, and the American companies owned by European companies, get cheap Turkish made guns, put American labels on them, and gouge American gun owners with high gun and ammunition prices.

That is what was taking place in America, in a like Obama depression was being experienced, because of no growth, gouging American consumers and the economy was stagnating.

For his reforms, America rejected Grover Cleveland and elected Benajamin Harrison, who 4 years later was rejected and President Cleveland was re elected by the American People.

He was a monumental man, because in returning to office in the Depression of the 1890's, he was diagnosed with a malignant growth on the top of his mouth, which was removed and as he recuperated on a yacht, no one knew the entire story for 25 years.
In the meantime, President Cleveland set about to end the depression by ending the Sherman Silver Purchase Act which was driving up inflation and with Wall Street Loans maintained the Gold Reserves to stabilize the economy.

President Cleveland would not be bluffed. When Coxey's Army marched on Washington seeking welfare in unemployment relief, the President had their leader Jacob Coxey arrested for walking on the grass..
When the first wave of communist riots hit Chicago  in the Pullman Rail Car strike, which was nothing more than ignorant workers making demands beyond what was available, Cleveland authorized the Army and Navy to put down the riots by force, as he obtained an injunction against the strike.
President Cleveland announced, "It it takes the entire Army and Navy to deliver a postal card in Chicago, that card will be delivered."

On international scene, President Cleveland invoked the Monroe Doctrine to settle the boundary of Venezuela and British possessions.

None of President Cleveland's policies were popular, but all were good for America. His closest counterpart was President John Adams in moving beyond political factions and Governing as President for the best of the country.

Upon his death, this President's last words were, "I have  tried so hard to do right", and this President succeeded at every turn. This is the type of reform which America must have to resurrect herself from the Obama Abyss and the majority of the American People are going to have to support President Donald Trump in like reforms or it will be their genocide.

Democrat President Grover Cleveland was the epitome of American Virtue and if Democrats in the 21st century were of his caliber, America would be a successful nation, and if these Republicans of the Paul Ryan type had the character of Grover Cleveland, America would have prosperity.

The Lame Cherry presents the Trump Reformers to cut through the bullshit which we are plagued by in political parties, and principled conservatives and neocon leftists, in President Grover Cleveland was what all would define as a Ronald Reagan Republican, and Mr. Reagan began life as a Democrat. Our political parties have been so corrupted by the cartel of oligarchs that they loot the Treasury the same and get bribes from the same coffers. According to Grover Cleveland's example, it does not matter what the populist Donald Trump fits or does not fit, because his proclamation is for the good of the American People in fixing things, taking American back, and making America Great Again.

If the Clintons and Obama were like Grover Cleveland, Americans would have a great life and race would not be an issue, but their policies are the same neocon policies of HW and W Bush in this crooked system of graft and bribes. America needs Donald Trump in the reforms he will unleash, because America is finished and will never arise again if Hillary Clinton steals this election.

President Grover Cleveland is one of the greatest of American Presidents, and no one knows of him, but if one listens to the echoes of his time and his policies, they are exactly the remedies which Donald Trump is advocating for America.

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