Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gary Johnson's Brain Has Left the Building


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It seems America is maybe getting a lesson in old women with brain damage should not run for President and morons who choom pot as a food group should not be running for President either.

The newest theater from Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party had CNN asking Johnson's thoughts on the weekend terrorism across America.

His first response was this:

"Well, first of all, just grateful that nobody got hurt," Johnson answered.

As Hillary Clinton keeps getting DOOO OVERS, CNN gave Johnson a chance to do it over again, as one would think having 29 people blown up in New York, 6 people stabbed in Minnesota, is people getting hurt, but in the Gary Johnson world, you are not really hurt unless your head gets blown off or cut off.
All other things, just rub some dirt on it, and take a toke of the magic smoke to blow your EFFFING mind.

So Johnson, the great alternative to Donald Trump, loved by National Review cucks came up with a second response of, "Well at least no one was killed in New York".

Yes, we do not care about Black people in Minnesota who get shot, because they are hopped up on some narcotic, where it takes an off duty cop three shots to put the terrorist down. No crap here, as the reports out of Minnesota had the cop dropping this Black kid, the kid getting up, and the cop popping him again, and the kid got up again and it was the 3rd round that put the terrorist down for the count.

No one has bothered to report on this, in asking if this Black in Minnesota had some of that ISIS zombie drug in his system as he was brushing off bullets better than New York cops with body armor shot by terrorists sleeping on the floor there.

So that is the great warped hope of the Libertarian geniuses in their ultra left Gary Johnson, being so stoned, he had no idea that being stabbed and blown up was getting hurt, and  that in racism Blacks shot in Minnesota are nobody getting killed, as people killed in New York has a higher master race food chain for Gary Johnson.

*Note to Bill Weld and Pedo Kaine. You boys need to stage a coup in laying a trail of lesbian scented joints for Hillary and Gary to follow to a detox center for brain damaged people, and then combine your two sinking tickets for one sunken ship against the Donald Trump juggernaut, as your party's choices on top of the ticket have brains that have left the building.