Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton has left the Campaign

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

According the official Hillary Clinton campaign, she has left the campaign as of today, until the debate on September 26th with President Elect Donald Trump. Today,  September 21st she has a "rally" in Orlando Florida, and this is the last public appearance she will have for a week.

This is compounded as Mrs. Clinton cancelled a private in house fundraiser at some of her backer's home in North Carolina. NC is a key state, and it is logical to conclude that when Mrs. Clinton does not want up close and personal contact, there is a reason in people will see something which will set off the red alarms in them.
It is deduced that Mrs. Clinton's left eye is now so noticeably rolling back into her head, that it is freaking out people who get close to her.

As TL first noted, when Hillary Clinton disappeared after her collapse, all of the events she appeared at were pre recorded. Literally from the 9 11 collapse to today, Mrs. Clinton was seen looking refreshed, but holding onto seats in her jet, and then immediately the next day looking worn out again in commenting on the terror attacks, when she was incoherent.
Her schedule has been 4 appearances in almost 2 weeks, and that is if she appears in Orlando Florida, or if it is her body double.

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