Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Poe Lease

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

12 cops injured in protests...
WALMART Looted... VIDEO...
'We Out Like Taliban!'
Motorists hit by rocks...

After the Age of Obama in the Hillary Clinton rampage era, I was listening to Sean Homo Hannity replay a feed from Charlotte North Carolina, and I must admit that I felt like the Bushman in the God's Must Be Crazy, coming across some Blacks in Africa, who he thought sounded like monkeys jabbering away, as it was difficult to understand Afroid language.

For background, apparently a Black police officer shot an Afroid, which apparently in this tribal sect triggers a great deal of gathering from Walmart stores, along with revealing their tribal power in lighting fires.

Those psychological forensics I comprehend, but it is the speech which I have difficulty with as while a main advocate would scream something out in English, in the background there was a chorus of Oooo Oooo Oooo and something that sounded like Chah Chah Chah.
This is not to be confused with Motown singing as in the song Locomotion, but it sort of is more like a hum.

Grand Funk Railroad - The Loco-Motion - YouTube

grand funk railroad's track from their album greatest hits

What I learned was the Afroid has a name for all their problems in life, and it is Poe Lease.

They are quite agitated by whatever this Poe Lease is, whether it is male or female, or whether it is some religious or political entity, I could not gather, but Poe Lease was the focus of this, as much as Barack Obama used to have a focus a great deal about Moose Lums. I do not yet know who Moose Lum was or if there was more than one, but Moose Lums was as important to Birther Obama as the ghetto Afroid in North Carolina.

I did pick up a few phrases though which I will pass along, but again the meaning is a bit hard to interpret or are rather intimate and I do not why they are of such importance, but tribal testimony to power like gathering from the fields of Walmart and fires to keep the Voodoo away in the night.

First phrase was, "We are like the Motherfucking Taliban".

(Odd how no one ever writes Afroids letters about how they should stop being vulgar as they want to share the news with their virginal daughters, but I get that from time to time.)

One would think the fathers of these children and the young women would be most upset about this, as it would breed incestuous retarded offspring, but this apparently mounting of their mother like Muslims in Afghanistan is a show of their power as a people in showing prowess with their mother.

Second phrase, "I eat tear gas".

This is an amazing feat, like eating fire, but the Afroid eats tear gas apparently and just sets fires. I would conclude this would do more harm than being shot by police officers, but again in tribal rituals, one must show how powerful they are.

Lastly in this, and this is where the problem of communication between species arises, because the true evidence is the Afroid shot by the Black police officer, was holding a firearm, but the Ghetto Afroid kept stating, "He had a book".
One can only assume that in Afroid a book is a gun, and in all other species a gun is  a gun and a book is a book.

Seriously, one should know not to point their book at a police officer with their own book, as the police officer's loaded book, will go off when a loaded book pointed at a police officer.

I think it would be better if Afroids read their guns, instead of pointing them at police officers. I realize that there is not much to read on them, but for a species which speaks like primates, it might be just the thing they need, and after reading a good gun, they could like most people lay down and take a nap, like Hillary Clinton, who neither reads emails or has guns to leaf through.

In review of this, I believe the Obama regime should offer these solutions to Homeland Security:

First, Walmarts must be banned, as they obviously trigger violence in Afroids.

Second, fire making materials must be offered to Afroids, in safe grills in key locations around Afroid ghettos and OSHA and EPA could make certain they were up to code.

Third, the Obama regime must spend a billion dollars to produce the New Obamaford Dictionary, so that all of us will at least understand what Oooo Ooooo Cha Cha means, as much as that books mean guns in Afroid.

Fourth, the Obama regime must spend a trillion dollars on new psychological findings of why an Afroid wants to be like Muslim Taliban in having sex with their mums.

In this, I am certain as in all Obama policy that we will have change we can believe in, when we just understand why terrorists .........I mean work related violence, are acting out as they do in their tribal customs of reading a good gun and pointing it a police officer, showing their delight having finished reading the volume. In this perhaps the Obama regime, could educate officers that having a good book pointed at them was a sign of literary appreciation or perhaps the Afroid could be made to understand that pointing books at  the police brings a response of being shot.

Oh and if we can just figure out what this or these Poe Lease are that the primate keeps jabbering about.