Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lester Holt Admits To Helping Hillary Clinton Cheat

Not Lazy Eye Clinton, but Crazy Eye Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 

The Hillary Clinton reversals in the Trump Debate, reveals again she admits to being a liar, but there are interesting slips in she admits to being ill, covering up Islamic crimes and one which really is fascinating as Hillary Clinton mentions David John Oates specifically as a fact checker exposing her lies, and she is well aware of Mr. Oates abilities and the damage he is doing in exposing this sick old woman.

Hillary Clinton:

Saying she likes being on the stage with Donald Trump: Be honest you. (She hates Donald Trump.)

History being written at the DNC convention:Be honest damn you!!!

Not the facts to Donald Trump: Here the lie, Worry to Bill. (Hillary is lying and it concerns Bill.)

What is Trump tax hiding: I now see little breasts.

Bill Clinton looking at a reporter in a speech (See little breasts.)

On not paying taxes: You're very shocking. (At Mr. Trump)

Go to the fact checkers: David Oates says (Hillary listens to Rense and Oates on the fringe media. She knows she is being outed as a liar. Amazing reversal.)

Words matter on being president: But I am ill.

FBI files: I face an illness

End private prison: My work smashed.

Meeting police:I seal the scrub and Allah (Scrubs the truth on Muslim violence)

Fighting terrorism: A real good fun  

It can't be dismissed in the birther issue- You'll see that sense and you'll fake it.

Mr. Trump having intelligent advisers : Trump said I was evil

Hillary on the border:To do a crime evil much blood

Donald Trump is fascinating in he never calls Hillary Clinton a bitch in reversals, but instead he refers to her as "goddess" in a gentlemanly satire. He senses that Hillary Clinton has lost.
Mr. Trump also calls out image Obama in blaming him for the violence in the Black communities.
There is an insight Mr. Trump has that apparently those behind Hillary Clinton's server break in are dead.

Donald Trump:

I want you to be very happy: Yeah goddess sing.

Telling Hillary she is fighting ISIS her entire life : Agree you're no one.

Bringing corporate money back :Sniff the lover's soul. (Tapping into his soul to save America.)

Hillary's staff taking the 5th on questioning: Will you leave goddess. (Shame should make Hillary leave.)

On Mr. Trump's taxes: You are scared (to Hillary)

On his corporation being questioned by Hillary: God has a soul

Superpredator on black youth: Damn you Barack it's your ass.

NATO is not focused on terror: There's the wisdom (Donald is brilliant.)

Good relationships with Blacks: You rave, you rave, beloved. (mocking Hillary)

On Hillary attacking Mr. Trump: Heal my throat (He had a slight cold.)

Hillary out of control: Today you lost

Allies should be paying for their defense: I give a shit.

Who broke into Hillary's server: See all the dead men

Holt literally in this reversal knows what a low down and dirty part he had in assisting Hillary Clinton in her cheating, but states at the end of the debate that Donald Trump won the debate. Holt admits that Donald Trump will be President. There is no doubt in Holt's mind.

Lester Holt
Only one person will be President: I failed us in the shallow sin (said to Hillary Clinton in Holt's and Clinton's cheating in this debate.)

Look for the reversals on the Rense site on the right hand column, under the David John Oates programs.