Friday, September 30, 2016

The Wisdom of President Herbert Hoover

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For President Elect Donald Trump, there is always the issue of "caring for the poor", which the left use as a weapon, to which they kill millions of people and enslave billions more. In that though in the passage of time, the discerning can witness the catastrophe of a Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton community organized system of America spreading death, and the astute Herbert Hoover, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump governance of a community of caring for Americans.

There are important lessons in this, and of all the myriad of things posted here, this series on American Presidents is one which I would hope that Mr. Trump someday can review in the few quiet moments he has, for the lessons which they will provide.
This is what President Richard Nixon wrote in the 1970's in how much the weight of being President gained buoyancy in knowing other people who experienced the burden of that office for the American Good.

In 1928, Herbert Hoover accepted the nomination of the Republicans with the statement of, "We in American today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before in the history of the land."

America had just been lifted out of a depression in 1920 brought about speculators in the Woodrow Wilson global war for German genocide with the election of President Harding and the continuation of those low taxes, high tariff and limited immigration, which had returned prosperity to America. America was so close until the financial terrorists led by JP Morgan and the Rothschild's engineered the 1929 collapse to seize control over America. This then brought about the epic community reorganization of America of FDR against the sound policies of Herbert Hoover.

In answering FDR's welfare enslavement of America, President Hoover correctly predicted this:

"If we start appropriations of this character, we have not only impaired something infinitely valuable in the life of the American People, but have struck at the roots of self Government".

- President Herbert Hoover

President Hoover proved absolutely correct, because by the 1960's, the well meaning President Johnson in his war on poverty, created the maelstrom which initiated the degradation of every American racial community to it's demise.

It is a dichotomy of extremes in President Herbert Hoover and the despot Franklin Roosevelt. Hoover who had been chosen by socialist Woodrow Wilson to rescue over 100,000 Americans stranded in Europe in World War I, and then went on to feed Europeans, not by rationing mandates in America, but by appealing to American good will to govern themselves.
It was this trust in Americans which saved the Europeans from starvation, without forcing Americans to do anything.

Compare that with FDR in his ration books, seizing gold and picking American clean for his global war. Compare that with FDR looting the US Treasury and forcing Americans to pay to Social Security, now expanded by Birther Hussein Obama in Obamacare taxes, with the belief and advocacy by President Herbert Hoover in the American People caring for their own, and protecting that goodness from a regime stealing the soul of America.

Ronald Reagan trusted in the goodness of American people, and they every time rose up to that expectation, for Americans are a responsible race if it is expected of them. There has been far too much robbery of the American Soul in the people being told to be irresponsible and allow and institution conduct their God given right to be human.

This was the ministration of President Herbert Hoover in being correct for American Policy and it is a lesson for President Elect Donald Trump. Americans must have good things expected of them, and they must have a President who looks out for their virtue, because the People require it as they are ignorant.

"I was convinced that efficient, honest administration of the vast machine of the Federal government would appeal to all citizens.
I have since learned that efficient government does not interest the people, so much as dramatics".

- President Herbert Hoover

President Elect Donald Trump will have to appreciate the efficiency of his government, because the people only appreciate taking credit for his success.

- Lame Cherry

I may not be a President, but the Inspiration comes from the Holy Ghost and it is always sound.