Saturday, September 24, 2016

Obamacare Waiver Information

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those in need of the Obamacare Waiver as the rich Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin and whatever is on the left bowing to Hillary are not going to post this information as they do not know.


In 2015, you could go to the site, and print up the form and fill it out, but in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, that has all changed, as if you try to download the form, you get a page that blocks you and tells you to DOWNLOAD ADOBE as the PDF file will not load.
I tried this with my little PDF reader and got the same message.

So when Homeland Security visits you and tells you the government is not spying on you and it is all line traffic and hackers, that when you try to download Adobe in following government instructions, your high speed internet from AT&T goes from 128 kbs to 10 kbs and it takes hours to do the download, it requires a bit of time to comply with regime orders.

I am making this point known in those who need Waivers to not wait until December 31st in thinking it is like 2015 as it is not.

Once you get Adobe, you then fill out the form on your computer........yes it must be electronic now, as apparently no one in the regime can read American handwriting. This of course includes your Social Security Number.......and if you are like me, I do not have a printer, so I have to go to the public library to print things, which means I had to save the PDF file to a flash drive, and then ask the librarian for permission to print it, or I was certain Homeland would be called again in their wondering what I was doing sticking a flash drive onto their computers.

Printing is simple and one simply disconnects the flash drive in following computer instructions, pays your printing fees and that is it.

Oh I did sign my form with my mouse, as my handwriting sucks any way, but that part you could probably do, but I suspect if you do not fill this out electronically, they will be upset with you, so just follow the new rules which penalize poor people without computers, printers etc...

The rest is all the same in just furnishing your proof of the Waiver, and then you can mail it.

I post this, so people who do not know what flash drives are or whatever else in this seems confusing, can get someone they trust to help them get this form completed and printed, as in my case I need 3 sheets, but if you file jointly or are claiming a dependent, you will need to file an additional sheet on that person.
It is nothing monumental and can be done in about 5 minutes. It is just the printing part and the Adobe  part which takes time..........then again most of you probably do not have "hackers" or "line speed" problem in the middle of nowhere for downloads, and it will all go well enough for you.

I hope this helps, because no one gives a care now about people having to deal with Obamacare yet, in they are making it harder on poor people to file for waivers again.

(Flash drives cost about 16 bucks and the plug into USB ports on your computer. You can erase what you put on them or store most things on them. I use the few I have for my books and for programs I download so when I have to reload data on another computer, I do not have to waste time downloading.
If it is all Greek to you, Gaytube probably has some digital on it to explain, and some 3 year old can probably can explain it to you as grandchildren know how to install operating systems before they are potty trained now.)

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