Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The American Slum

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Since the departure of President George W. Bush who stabilized the 2008 crash as of January 2009 and Barack Obama then strangled it for the purpose of forcing Congress to pass his radical legislation of rationed death, while Obama looted the US Treasury for Wall Street, America now has 8 years on which to judge the Obama Legacy which Hillary Clinton wills to continue for America, and the short answer is, Obama Clinton is the epitaph of The American Slum.

This is an perplexing slum, but it mirrors community organized Chicago, where the poor folks existed in Val-erie Jarrett ruled slums, while the Obama financiers went bankrupt at the trolling top. This the Obama Legacy in the American Slum, for at the bottom of this ghetto gulag are 95 million Americans of all races unemployed for 8 years. They are being eaten alive by being forced to compete with over 90 million foreign workers and a growing 40 plus million invasion of Mexicans and Muslims from the 3rd world, which are guzzling gas, squatting in homes, gnawing on the groceries and digging into ever welfare program by Obama mandate which were intended for Americans.

In my experience, my Goodwill ventures are like walking through a maze of rats as the chattering Mexican scurries about getting all the things the poor Americans used to have available for clothing and appliances, placing a burden of competition on the poor which they can ill afford.

This condition though for Obama Clinton American Slums is equally pressing on the top, because we are looking at a poverty level spread of Americans from 20,000 dollars to 150,000 dollars, and from the bottom up, to the top down it is the same process, for in Greenwich in New York, the home to the Wall Street brokers looting America, the bonuses are just not there.

Instead of the 250,000 dollar Mercedes, it is now the 50,000 Cadillac. Instead of 100,000 dollars for an anniversary, it is 10,000 dollar jewelry for the 10th Anniversary. This may sound to the poor like something they would like for a problem, the poor have to understand what they being divested of in this, and the explanation follows.

This quote in Bloomberg explains a great deal of this "pinch":

One problem is that risk levels have gone through the wringer. Members of the younger Wall Street crowd are quite conservative, says Robin Kencel, a broker with Douglas Elliman. “They used to say Oh, I’ll stretch.’ Now they’re more practical. They’ll ask ‘What are the utility bills? Oh, wait -- I don’t want it.’”
That could explain why, this year through Sept. 22, pending sales of homes priced up to $999,999 jumped 29 percent from the same period in 2015, according to brokerage Houlihan Lawrence, and those between $1 million and $1.99 million were up 69 percent. Contracts for homes between $5 million and $5.99 million, meanwhile, fell 80 percent.

The above quote is stating that those who are bonus rich are no longer purchasing that 5 million dollar a year plus home. Instead, they are in a squeeze and are trending downward and that is where the home sales are growing, into areas where that 130,000 dollar a year salary, used to take out a 30 year mortgage to pay off the million dollar mansion.
For the poor, that means the 130,000 dollar group are being squeezed out of their market, because the Heidi Cruz rich are being squeezed out of their market and dumping their super rich estates for something they will not lose in an economic collapse. So the 130 group is also trending downward into the urban home markets of 100,000 to 250,000 dollars where the people earning poverty wages were buying homes, and those people being squeezed too, are showing up like the Mexicans in thrift stores, to compete with the 95 million unemployed, because the money has been drained at 20 trillion dollars from America.

This is the Obama Legacy which Hillary Clinton is promoting and Elizabeth Warren is establishing for Mrs. Clinton.
The literal economic cancer in America, eating as Wall Street Tumors from the top and Rio Grande Cankers from the bottom. This is the American Slum, and it happened by design.

I will remind the rich now about their having should have donated previously instead of stealing from this blog, for the express reason, I predicted someone named Obama regime would come and start stealing all their money, and sure as Bloomberg speaks, there is now a crunch taking place in America from the top down.

The signs are all there in this predatory economic jaws of death America is captured in. This is the false messiah managed misery, and it is the American Slum we are now all stuck in, and our only hope is Donald Trump cutting taxes, keeping energy funds in America, and bringing jobs back to America by the conglomerates and small business to produce a real cash flow in this, instead of Obama electronically creating fake money on a computer for the elite.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as no one else will alert the children to the reality of life.