Friday, September 30, 2016

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Anthony Trollope was a British writer of the no one knows him, compared to Charles Dickens or Jane Austin, but he turned out ripping good yarns.

David Suchet Picture

One of my favorites is the story The Way We Live Now, in it was the premier work of David Suchet, who you have seen in numerous works. If you ever have the opportunity to watch this actor, he eclipses evil and is far more sinister than the Penguin in the Batman cartoons, but you think you are watching a penguin in the pure evil form.

The actress Shirley Henderson acts in this wonderful play of characters and she reminds one of a mouse. her character is taken advantage of in love by Matthew Macfadyen, who turns in the best performance of his career too, the complete antithesis of the moral man in Little Dorrit.

Shirley Henderson Picture

What I cherish most about Shirley Henderson is that when she is heartbroken, she turns from a mouse to this snarling feline which simply spits scorn, as an epitaph to all who have had their heart's broken by the heartless who misused them.

I believe honestly that there should be an post humous awards for cinema, where the fad of the moment is long forgotten and people could revisit the golden moments of stage and screen to honor these entertainer's work.
Shirley Henderson's mother acts like a chicken. I do not mean to put all of these characters in animal terms, but they honestly are animal like in their portrayals, in Matthew Macfadyen acts like one of those lazy slobbering hounds you would hope your neighbor would shoot as it keeps peeing on your rose bushes and killing them, but there he sits wagging his tail daily in complete ignorance.

Matthew Macfadyen Picture

There are a number of minor rolls in this series which are outstanding. Douglas Hodge is the perfect moral creature in an immoral world which is gone awry in "the way we live now". In many ways the minor bit parts are really enjoyable, than many of the other larger rolls.

Douglas Hodge Picture

Casting was superb, but in reality it is Shirley Henderson and David Suchet who carry this entire performance they star in. I hope they knew how well they did and no one will ever capture the characters the way they did in making it better, as this must have been the way Anthony Trollope envisioned his characters centuries ago.

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