Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Man Named Trump

The Paid Clinton Campaign Experts

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I picked up a satellite feed from Minnesota Public TV, and you have to understand about Minnesotan quasi intellectuals, they all think they are Einstein, Plato and Jung all rolled into one and Jesus should come to them for advice on Sermons on the Mount.

What this is about though is the insider GOP political experts in mutely allowing.......seriously, you have to picture this guy in he had a bow tie, a vest, looked sort of like a pimp crossed with a child molestor as the democratic expert who said something like:

"Donald Trump is the only one who thinks he won the debate, and he is unbalanced as who sits up to 3 AM putting out tweets on a Miss Universe, a trap which Hillary Clinton set."

As this is run it's course, I really have to address this in from the beginning of this, the GOP elite have not had an understanding what Donald Trump has been accomplishing as he rolled off 16 candidates of their choice, no more than the Clinton campaign comprehends what Donald Trump is accomplishing again, in another win.

Ask yourself why President Elect Donald Trump would send out tweets to deliberately drive this story again, that Hillary Clinton and the media wanted to drive?

I explained part of this earlier in the week, in what are the stories now being focused on?

Is it Hillary Clinton as a leader.......or Hillary Clinton cheating in the debate and being sick yet.

Who is the woman in the race, Hillary Clinton or this fat gang banger who Donald Trump tried to help?

Yes, it is the gang banger who has sucked the oxygen out of Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Think of this and understand it, in the first debate is about people looking at the candidates for the first time, who do not care about any of this. Your name has to come out in this if you want to implant yourself into those people.

Whose name is on those people's minds? Donald Trump, gang banger, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. We know for polling that people who thought about voting for Hillary are now reconsidering it in this group, or have gone to Mr. Trump or ultra leftist Johnson. They are thinking Johnson yet, because they do not know what an Aleppo Brain he is. Once they discover that in the next few weeks...........they are not going to be voting for Hillary, because they rejected her, and when they experience Hillary savaging Johnson, those votes will break for Donald Trump again.

So Hillary talking points among her elite, and Hillary talking points among the GOP elite who are clueless about what is taking place, has them not realizing that Donald Trump just had a phenominal week. His vision was not on the debate alone. His vision was weeks down the road, after Mrs. Clinton has more coughing spats and more of her crimes are unveiled. The fact is that NOT ONE person was was added to Hillary Clinton from the debate and she desperately needed them. Mrs. Clinton lost her last opportunity to turn this around. All she has is a staged October Surprise and vote fraud, while dimwits in Minnesota with bow ties sit before bewildered GOP insiders who think they understand all of this.

I mentioned to a friend months ago what Donald Trump was accomplishing, but I can not reveal it as of yet as I am not about to alert the Clinton camp. The reality in all of this is Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing and he used Hillary Clinton's last best Hail Hillary against her, and this brain damaged woman with all of her experts had no idea they were just played again, as Mr. Trump played the press on his hotel opening in Washington DC.

After Mrs. Clintons collapse on 9 11, she desperately needed a week of good publicity, and she got absolutely zero media coverage, except for coughing, staggering and being suffocated by the woman she created as a media event, which did absolutely not any good to the Clinton campaign with Women or Latins. At this stage in the game a campaign must gain ground, but all Hillary Clinton did, is what John Podesta has been doing all along is losing ground in resources and time. That kind of failure works against stealing voters from Bernie Sanders, but it does not work in the last weeks of a Presidential election.

Hillary Clinton's spin is she won a fight everyone knows she got knocked out in, including the moderator Lester Holt. The press following her "win" is about her being punch drunk and brain damaged, and about the fat card girl Hillary was hiding behind to keep from being pummeled even further in her defeat.

Donald Trump with his tweets sucked the oxygen out of the Clinton campaign. It stopped the "content win" spin dead, and the press was huffing what air was left out that deflated campaign in being distracted by the Trump tweets.

I realize that Mr. Trump has the best poker face in politics and business. I also realize that the reason he is doing what he does in most cases is best left not exposed, as in mirror of what this blog is up to at times. Sometimes I am moved though after the event to just walk the lines as a good expendable Colonel is supposed to do in settling the troops down, to explain what their General has been up to in fighting this out and using the enemy's own tactics against them, to make things easier for you.

The more I see of Donald Trump, the more I understand what a natural he is at all of this, and how he understands human psychology in ways that only Tavistock built on Freud's work.

I believe this is the best summation for Donald Trump in explaining him.

Donald Trump is a whirlwind storm of chaos which is always order.

- Lame Cherry

Until people comprehend that in the eye of the storm of the hurricane of Mr. Trump, there is tranquility, like God's still small voice coming out of the quake and storm before Prophet Elijah, you will always be moved by the storm and miss the beauty of it.

I have never come across anyone like Donald Trump. His father and mother must have been some of the most gifted people ever to produce a man this blessed in attributes. I sincerely believe that Donald Trump in the West and Vladimir Putin in the East will produce a protection for Christians in delivering them from a tribulation evil for Christ's return.

Donald Trump captured Hillary Clinton in her own trap, and then had Hillary's propaganda bury her.

Trump 2016

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