Saturday, October 1, 2016

How the Clinton Syndicate intends to steal the Election from Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you probably missed this, Politico was examining Hillary Clinton stealing the election, and of course it was Donald Trump who loses Pennsylvania, a Democratic state with Democratic courts, and not Hillary Clinton having lost.
Do not lose the conditioning that it is Donald Trump who will dispute the election, not Hamrod Clinton, already planting the thought that it is Mr. Trump who loses.

The advice of Politico is Donald Trump should concede, for the "good of the country", as John Jay had to save America from violence in the streets. After all, Chicago, Charlotte, Baltimore, DC, Ferguson, Dallas, Minneapolis and Orlando have such peace and tranquility now under dictator Obama.

Then Politico came to the real game in this, and you will really enjoy this brainwashing:

So who will resolve the conflict if Trump loses Pennsylvania and insists on seeing proof, and the state can’t provide it? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, despite being dominated by Democrats? The U.S. Supreme Court, despite being hamstrung by a vacancy and thus at risk of a 4-4 split? Congress, paralyzed by partisan gridlock? Can we count on Donald Trump to take the advice, coming across the centuries from Alexander Hamilton, that Trump (like John Jay) should concede defeat rather than risk violence in the streets, even if he firmly believes he was robbed? Jay managed to be magnanimous, despite his own experience with taking up arms against tyranny. Nixon conceded and, after losing in court, Gore did, too.
Thankfully, there is a way out of this predicament. Just because we don’t have a constitutional mandate for it doesn’t mean we can’t build an evenly balanced tribunal, controlled by neither party, to investigate and resolve all claims of electoral fraud that might arise in a presidential election—the kind of institution that Madison himself came to recognize as missing. We would join Canada and Australia, countries that also inherited their legal systems from Britain, in creating such a body.
In fact, even for this election, it’s not too late: Much like Minnesota did, the U.S. Supreme Court could create special three-judge panel, ideally agreed to by both candidates, that could advise the court in any case involving the presidential election. Long-term, we could put this kind of impartial tribunal on a more permanent footing by means of a constitutional amendment. As difficult as that would be, the legitimacy of the highest office is at stake.
Yes what would be "fair" is what other colonies resorted to, in our fate should be put into the hands of a 3 judge tribunal which both candidates would "agree" to. Now you know what this would be right? We would face a flurry of propaganda about things like Ken Starr being principled, who did not prosecute the Clintons and then wrote glowing things about them years later.
That is what Donald Trump would face along with all of his supporters in some Clinton communist, some Bush fascist and some Judge Roy Moore who would probably surprise everyone by joining all to vote for Hillary Clinton after a shot of scopalamine.

It was so kind of the Clinton minders and the GOPliters to publish at Politico what we are to now submit to. A completely equal election, with votes split........Hillary in the lead of course, and it all comes down to not Florida this time, so Diane Sawyer and that George Stephanopoulos torturing Republicans as to how it would fall in retaliation of Bush in 2000, and come November 9th, Pennsylvania would be too close to call, and in the recall there would be Soros riots across America for Clinton, calls for Trump to agree to this 3 judge panel as the Roberts court would give the illusion of a 4 to 4 split, and after everything was prolonged to wearing the public out, Hamrod would be declared the winner.

It was projected here that Donald Trump is going to need his 40 million loaded guns to secure his landslide as all of his is being rigged exactly as this blog predicted concerning Mitt Romney having that election stolen from him. In this era when James Comey degrades the FBI to sanctioning all the crimes of Hillary Clinton, the American nation is overrun with corruption and lawlessness.

It has already been proven that the Clinton crooks are rigging this election for theft. Politico has now provided the mind conditioning for the masses to accept this overthrow of America, so it all ends in there will never be an election in America again.

If you will notice, the above is the exact scenario the Lame Cherry predicted one month ago in what was being plotted in a close election fraud to undermine the Donald Trump landslide.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.