Sunday, October 2, 2016

Plumbergate: Hillary Clinton's Debate Clean Up Man

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Debate Commission Admits: Donald's Mic Was Messed Up!

The Gateway Pundit in Joe Hoft and Jeff Rense of the Rense program have done a great deal to expose the multiple examples of Hillary Clinton cheating and still losing to Donald Trump at the Presidential debate, which is both interesting and perplexing, because all of this is evidence is ignoring Hillary Clinton's augmented contact lenses. The suppression of that part of the story indicates this was indeed part of the high tech industry assets which the civilians are not supposed to have access to, and that begs the question in which one of Mrs. Clinton's donors illegally provided her with this technology so she could cheat.


Thankfully we now know the name of the Clean Up Man who scoured the special podium constructed for Mrs. Clinton, in removing papers, turning them over to moderator Holt, in the same manner that Lester Holt had handed these papers over to Brady Williamson to be deposited on the podium for Mrs. Clinton before the debate.

I am going to tie all of this together so that it will make sense, as it does not make sense that Mrs. Clinton had earwigs, teleprompters, augmented contact lenses and cheat sheets, but the answer does in the scenario which a Prophetess would work out by Inspiration.

But first who is Brady Williamson?

He is a man with a long past with the communist front in America with Elizabeth Warren in the 1990's, in the Bankruptcy Review Commission.

Williamson was appearing at fundraising events in Chicago, which he was complaining that his appearance was only sanctioned by the White House if no fundraising took place. The reality is, fundraising of course took place.

Even the commission's chairman, Mr. Williamson, said he was angry when he heard that his appearance was possibly being used as a selling point in campaign solicitations.
''I wanted to be careful,'' Mr. Williamson said, adding that he had received permission to attend the dinner from the White House counsel's office as long as his presence was not used in fund-raising pitches.

This then morphed into one of these Clinton linked situations where Williamson was stationed with the National Democratic Institute, which then had Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking at their events. NDI focused on "democracy" in Egypt in drafting "neo constitutions" across the globe.

For those who remember CBS's Lara Logan being gang raped by the Obama voters of Egypt, one finds that the Egyptian Government was extremely displeased with NDI, being a non governmental organization operating in their nation illegally. Displeased so much so, that the Egyptians raided the offices and shut this Clinton Obama world order down.

Unfortunately on Dec. 29, 2011, security forces from the Egyptian government raided NDI’s offices in Cairo, Alexandria and Assiut, as well as those of nine other Egyptian and foreign nongovernmental organizations. Court proceedings against NDI’s staff began in Cairo on Feb. 26, 2012, and continued through the rest of 2012 with a verdict anticipated on June 4, 2013. They are charged with managing an unlicensed nongovernmental organization and receiving funds from the U.S. government without the approval of the Egyptian government."

That is the known background on this attorney, political activist and Clinton confidante, but what is unknown is why this man has been elevated and graduated to such an extremely high and covert position in the Clinton campaign.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive, a photo of Mr. Williamson is published online which you can make up your mind what the highlighted area in O actually is presenting itself to the public as.

Make up your own mind what is not stomach fat, not an electronic monitoring device and not Depends, all of which are not a vertical bulge being proudly presented before the world, along the zipper line of a man's slacks.

As for the Plumbergate, would not this scenario from the matrix in inquiry explain all what we witnessed and were seeing the night of Hillary Clinton cheating?

First we know from David John Oates in Reverse Speech, that Lester Holt admitted to cheating and assisting Mrs. Clinton and it did not work, as Holt knew Mr. Trump won the debate handily. So let us match the known facts to what happened.

Hillary Clinton gets the debate counsel to agree to building a podium for her, and she puts into it an illumination light, an ipad mounted, and a camera.

The reason?

Mrs. Clinton has had the pre debate questions provided to her, but she does not know the exact questions in order, and what Lester Holt is going to do exactly. They have a series of baseball signs worked out in Hillary Clinton touching her nose to alert Holt that she is ready for the next question, but this all needs to be refined in Hillary Clinton's brain is not functional enough to remember all the information in the questions to be asked.

So Mrs. Clinton obtains her augmented contact lenses, and has them in. Williamson gets the Holt questions and their sequence and puts them out on the platform, where they are illuminated by the light on the podium, scanned by the camera attached to the black ipod, which is wifi connected to the Clinton team, which is busily answering the questions in complete sentences......and this computer crew was feeding this minutes before to a poll focus group to gauge which responses would provide the winning points against Donald Trump.
The best result was  then projected back to Mrs. Clinton on her contact lens screen, which she read in halting sentences, and directed Holt by hand signals, when she was ready to move on with her next zinger which was prepared for her.

After the debate, the clean up man rushed to the stage, got to the podium, and removed all the criminal evidence, and that is why Hillary Clinton remained on stage as a diversion, so everyone was looking at her. Mr. Trump and his family left immediately, but Hillary and Bill stayed with a throng of people to have Williamson lost in the mix........and you will notice that Secret Service did not pay any attention to Williamson in what he was rushing around accomplishing.
Seriously a man approaching Bill and Hillary Clinton with a black box is something the Secret Service frowns upon. Yet something was handed off to Bill Clinton and he put it inside of his jacket.

This is conclusion which has never before been assembled in a logical script to ie all of the evidence which is floating around on various sites, led by Jeff Rense and Jim Hoft. It is logical deduction of what an intelligence operation would entail for a sick old woman like Hillary Clinton. Williamson could not remove the papers from the stage and there had to be an agreement as to how to "cheat to win" without being noticed.

The problem is too many people noticed and in that you are reminded to ponder what the Lame Cherry wrote of before the debate with Hillary Clinton's rolling eyes, blinking eyes and eyes shifting left as she was reading something in script on her contact lenses.
The Hamrod Black Book was calling for Hillary Clinton to make Mr. Trump lose his composure, for her to brand him concerning women, and when he attacked her, for Mrs. Clinton to start bawling like a hydrant, all within the first half hour, with her exclaiming she was not going to share the stage with such a beast.

This points to why Mr. Trump at the start of this, alerted Mrs. Clinton that he was aware of her plot, and that he "wanted her very happy". That checked Mrs. Clinton's crocodile tears and she had to stay.

Now progress this out in the mayhem if Mrs. Clinton had left the building, in how no one would have had the cameras rolling to capture Mr. Williamson removing things from the podium. That cover was blown and a back up mob on the stage had to be assembled, and while no one noticed right away, people reviewing the events afterwards began noticing the odd behavior of Mr. Williamson.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.