Thursday, October 6, 2016

American Oil Economic Forecast

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As none of you have the background information or understanding as to why your gas prices kept going down this year, it falls to the Lame Cherry to explain and predict the trends into early 2017, providing nothing blows up.

The world has a glut of oil. Tankers are sitting offshore globally, but the main point in America is the reserve farms have been basically topped off since last spring. Useage has never eclipsed more than 2 million barrels a day, which means basically Americans are in such dire straights financially in this this Obama Clinton Super Depression, that no one has any money to buy gas for a car to take a trip with 95 million unemployed, and their replacment Obama squatters are all sit around the paddy and admire the rice for entertainment.

That is what is key in this, in what was expected was a summer of drawing down reserves, never took place. That is why gas prices spiked upwards in June in expectation of this, and started rapidly falling again in July as the stores were remaining constant.

The trend in this is simple in crude oil is going to keep falling or depreciating in price into 2017 at least. Figure the per cost at 35 dollars per barrel, as there is not going to be any 50 to 80 dollar oil again in America, until Hillary Clinton steals this election and the gangsters look for their Saudi oil price spike.
I am going to STRESS that point so all of you morons get this who are against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton.

Who owns oil? Wall Street, Neocons and Saudi's. Who is pouring money into Hillary Clinton's campaign? Wall Street, Neocons and Saudi's. The time will come in the Clinton regime where you are going to be facing 5 dollar plus per gallon gasoline  and all the draconian policies which Obama inflicted on the energy sector is going to have you not being able to afford the electric. Hillary Clinton will strangle every last dollar out of America beyond her 1.4 trillion in new taxes, as she and the Neocons are not going to allow another Donald Trump to ever arise again.
The gulag is coming very soon.

What will take place in the next months and into winter are reserves in America actually will be growing. It is a matter which most people do not comprehend as there is only so much gasoline to be refined from a barrel of oil and in winter the east coast now burns fuel oil, which must be refined for that mass market, so one gains a glut in gasoline as the same refinery is turning out jet fuel, fuel oil and gasoline in the same amounts each batch.

That is your oil economic forecast for the short and long term. Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.