Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cat Blessings

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I look at animals on Craig's List and marvel at what worthless assholes there are making money off of them. It is quite a scam, in it usually goes something like:

Here is my favorite rhino baby. We got her, but my son is allergic and now we must find a good home. There will be a 5000 dollar rehoming fee to make sure she has the good home.

Yes, but the real story is something like, I got this free puppy from my relatives in Arizona, and I figured I would bring it up here and sell it to some dumb ass, because it has hip dysplasia and I will be long gone to the Air Force before you figure it out.

I do like looking at animals though and dreaming someday of being able to afford one and afford to feed it.

That is why this is written here in I was looking at I do not normally look at cats, because we have cats out of the ass here, in TL does a great job of being head feline in the pride. I did click on one though and it was a Bengal as I always wanted to shoot a Bengal tiger from a hide or hayrick. Any case, Bengals are quite pretty in being a sort of tabby cat which is spotted.

Quite amusing really as most cat people are odd, in the cats own and think for them. Like the Bengals are usually listed as high strung and nuts, so you have to know what to do with a cat. When we had wild cats we actually appreciated them as they never were under feet, were never looking to be petted when you were fixing things under some machine, and out of sight is out of cats.
With cat owners though, they like cat ass in their face when asleep, cat ass in their face when they type, and eating cat hair that tastes like cat ass all the time.
I just am not a cat ass person nor is cat hair one of my favorite food groups, although I seem to be eating it all the time.

So I thought for a few seconds how nice it would be to have a Bengal, and then I thought, "TL has like 20 cats and growing. We got white cats, brown cats, striped cats, calico cats, cats of many colors, blue cats, grey cats, so many cats I forget we got orange cats and black cats."
So I gave up the idea of a Bengal cat quite readily.

Then about 3 weeks ago, in the flower and weed patch, TL said there was something peeking out at us, and sure enough it was a new cat.

I can tell it was an offspring of Scaramouche as it has these big eyes and looks rather blank. TL said it looks like a raccoon as we have reddish brown tinted coons here, and it has been around for some time, running around with the other Scaramouche offspring in an orange, a calico and a cat of many colors, and I never paid a great deal of attention to it, until last night, and sure as blessings come from God in Heaven, I noticed that cat had spots. It is a Bengal cat.

Bengal cats are quite you can buy a nice handgun for what some cat person would pay for a Bengal.....granted they eat about the same in food price, but I prefer petting guns to cats.

Anyway we got a Bengal cat now........just because it crossed my mind.

It must be the neighbors cat as we sort of rotate our cats. He feeds them for awhile and we feed his for awhile. This one must have followed mummy over and decided it was nicer here, as all cats thinks this is the Pussy Coast of cat vacations......along with coons and skunks.

This cat which seems to be taming down now, at least is tamer than the other cousins it has, seems like a nice enough cat, but I will never figure out cats, as they always find places they are not supposed to be when they have homes where people want them. Cats make absolutely no sense. You want them in, and they want out. You want them out and they want in. You want to pet them and they run away, you want them to run away and they want to be petted.

Where I am getting in this is trying to figure out God. I think sometimes God is the kind of good like my Gramma who had things she didn't want and would just give them to me, because it was being good. It is like this cat in the neighbor did not want it, and I had a flash of thinking I wanted a Bengal, and God said, "There is home for the Bengal cat".
God must not have heard the part about the 20 cats already, because God is good to cats and people.

I think in this life, that I get things that people do not want, after God kills them. Apparently people do want guns, tractors, land and little boy axes as I never get any of them. God did give us Corningware though and one tin covered pan that took 3 years to kill some old woman, but it seems a bit sparse in a replacement Lutheran Bible as Lutherans must keep their Bibles while Catholics can not exorcise them fast enough out of dead people's homes. I really would like the things I want as I know God is paying a great deal of attention to me, but He must really pay close attention when it comes to cats as Lord He is overflowing with cats........for that matter coons and skunks as I do not have to even think about them, and they are looking for Dr. Cherry to administer the lead vaccine to them. Is like living in the Texas border, but instead of Beaners, I get coons.........the ringtailed type that Davy Crockett made caps out of and not the plantation kind.

It just puzzles me in God's Goodness as I think of a cat and it appears. I was trying to think if there were any golden fleece or golden egg laying cats I could think of, but none come to mind. All there was, was that Cheshire kind that disappeared, and mine never disappear so all you see is a smile like a coon in the woodpile at night.

I do look at tractors and they never drive up to find a new home. Look at dogs too and they never show up on the step either. Look at lots of guns, but never find them either. I do though have a talent and a gift for Bengal cats. I am  thankful for God in His Goodness as I suppose new cat needs a home too and it seems to like being here like lots of other things from cats to Homeland...........things I really do not look for, but seem to show up as a nice gift.

Thank you God for the Bengal cat. I am very pleased I got to see one real and not a picture. I am sure when it gets tamed down it will be all over me looking to be petted and I will be saving bits of food like TL to feed it in kindness. 

Cat blessings. I do not understand the mind of the Lord.