Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Lame Obama

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Americans have to understand that they are ruled now by a regime of liars. They are either Republicans lying about needing Congress, the Supreme Court and White House to do anything, or it is Democrats  lying about "living Constitutions" and Executive Orders.

Republicans mostly powerless in stopping Obama 'midnight regulations'...

The above is an absolute lie and meant to give cover to the Obama regime so the politicians owned by the conglomerates can continue on with their rapine of dictatorship. The fact is that Congress was given full authority by the Supreme Court to stop any occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from enacting any Executive Order or  Regulation.

This all started under that treacherous replacement of the traitor Franklin Roosevelt in Harry S. Truman. Truman was screwing over steel workers who were on strike for wages, so Harry decided to sign an executive order seizing all privately owned steel companies in order to force Americans to work.

Besides this being PRIVATE PROPERTY of families and stock owners, there was the little matter of making slaves of American workers. This was all according to Harry Truman "necessary" for his "police action" in will remember the same one that General MacArthur moved to win by defeating Communist China by nuking the comrades, but Truman sacked MacArthur as Truman and his comrades had handed China over to communists......but that is just a digression as we are now focused on a dictator in the White House signing orders he had no Constitutional power to implement.

The Supreme Court weighed in, in majority, with Democrats joining Republicans, in rejecting the dictator in the White House:

Justice Robert Jackson — like Truman, a Democrat — was incredulous at the administration’s position. He said, “The example of such unlimited executive power that must have most impressed the forefathers was the prerogative exercised by King George III. The description of its evils in the Declaration of Independence leads me to doubt that they were creating their new Executive in his image. Continental European examples were no more appealing. And, if we seek instruction from our own times, we can match it only from the executive powers in those governments we disparagingly describe as totalitarian. I cannot accept the view that the clause is a grant in bulk of all conceivable executive power.”
Justice Hugo Black, another Democrat, wrote the majority opinion invalidating the seizures. Black explained that an executive order (1) “must stem either from an act of Congress or from the Constitution itself” and (2) an executive order is on dubious ground if it’s “incompatible with the express or implied will of Congress.

The last part about "express or implied will of Congress" is key in this in 2016 with Obama mandates and orders as much as it was in 1952 backed by the US Supreme Court.

Congress is a two house branch of Government. If you notice the Supreme Court did not limit this by specifying BOTH HOUSES had to agree, but simply stated Congress. In Treaties, the Senate has oversight alone. In impeachment the House alone votes impeachment, and the Senate conducts the trial.

There is precedent in this, in each House has the right to reject what the other House does as much as the White House. It does not require 2/3rd votes or both Houses. It simply requires one division of Congress to vote against by simple majority that what the Obama regime or any President is implementing, can stop the Executive from signing Executive Orders or Agency Mandates.

There does not have to be bills submitted and voted on by both Houses. There simply has to be Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell getting off their asses, and stop the myriad of lies being told to provide image Obama dictatorial power for their conglomerate bosses.

image Obama can not no more change the name of Mt. McKinley to seizing coastal waters for it's legacy refuges, Congressional bills voted on or not. Congressional orders can not be bastardized and abused in extended authority to the Executive, because Congress does not have the authority to vote away it's oversight or power, as the Constitution is the Law of the Land.

Either House can stop the Obama regime immediately, and that authority is in the Constitution and it was upheld by the United States Supreme Court in 1952 AD in the year of our Lord.

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