Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fuck Laura Ingraham

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So Michelle Fields who lied about Corey Lewandowski in trying to set up Donald Trump is now kicking Glenn Beck in the ovaries on his economic and mental collapse in the Blaze is going tits up.

For some reason there is a focus on Laura Ingraham saying "Fuck" on a hot mic which the Blaze published in the writers......and the management took it down, and the "reporters" there threatened to walk.

Here is the bullshit:

While reports of The Blaze’s downfall began in early 2016, the tensions between the editorial team and Beck’s appointed management team truly came to a head in April, over a story posted by Deputy Managing Editor Oliver Darcy. The story concerned a hot mic moment from conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, in which she said the word “fuck,” thinking her microphone was dead.
Sources within The Blaze said that Ingraham reached out to the site’s management, angry that they allowed their reporters to write about the incident. Management apologized to Ingraham, the sources said, and Padveen had the post quietly removed from the website without notifying the editors.  
Darcy soon realized that the post, which had been the top story on the site, had been changed to a private setting and was no longer accessible to readers. Sources familiar with the incident said Darcy reached out to management to find out what happened. He did not receive a reply, so he reposted the article.

Seriously I do not understand why Laura Ingraham was concerned about the Fuck story from her lips. This is a woman who bought a Russian kid, and she could not handle the kid because Russians are a different breed, and had the kid sleeping on the floor like a dog......seriously, saying FUCK is a bit blase now and I doubt that Ingraham's clergy is going to send over an exorcist to splash her down with holy water.

I understand how people hate Glenn Beck, and how catty women like taking cheap shots at other women, and how this is all a bunch of oligarchs using keyboard whores to attack each other, as they are all pussies in not challenging each other to duels and settling it woman to woman.

The thing is a fuck like Oliver Darcy if he had any balls, would have told his employees to go fuck themselves if they tried to walk and that he would hire lawyers to haul their asses into court to bankrupt them, and they either fulfilled his contracts like good little fucks, or he would own their asses and sell their wife and children to some oligarch in New York.

I mean he could have leased this blog and gotten all the content to fill that Mormon site with better stories than the shit that is posted on there, that sounds like old pope farts from that Matt Walsh.

I like Laura Ingraham for being white for Donald Trump. Frankly I would like her to use the F word more often. There is nothing profane above the word Fuck. Fuck is proper English. It is an action of animal intercourse.
Basically it is a male who gets an erection and drives it into a willing female, as the alternative is rape in non willing women, but it is all involving some nasty crusty snatch with some nasty gooey cock, and it lasts a few moments. That is a Fuck as defined by proper English as the males there were doing this often enough on the streets of London with prostitutes that those driving by needed to have an explanation so they could discuss it at the club over a port and cigar, as saying things like, "Oh by the way I saw Lord Butsucker having congress with a Millie the tramp," did not convey the entire act, as it took longer to say that then the fuck.
So it simply compressed down to, "Butsucker fucked that whore on Salisbury Street", and everyone knew it was crude sex and it took that long.
Usually with some witty British reply like, "I hope the Lord left a tip to buy low and sell high".

Fuck is just a perfect word. It has more meaning than DUCK, BUCK, HUCK, LUCK etc.... It just would not convey the same frustration if Laura had said, "LUCK" on a hot mic.

It is not that anyone thinks of sex in this, they just have handy word to use. It is close to CUCK and why that word is so effective in most of the Michelle Field fields.

Seriously in this, I would like to offer Glenn Beck 1 dollar for The Blaze, free of debt loads. I would fire everyone, and then publish most of my stuff there, along with numbers of Jeff Rense's homo sapiens, and invite Laura Ingraham to write fuck articles of expression all of that that site.

The reason the Blaze sucks is because it is fiction, and the reason it is dying is because it is cuck anti Trump. ....and of course the reality is that the Blaze never was real. It was fiction generated like Facebook in fake hits, was funded by the oligarch Mockingbird herders, and when it fell out of favor, the money quit.

None of this is real. It is all intelligence funded mind wash.