Monday, October 3, 2016

Evidence of Hillary Clinton's Collapse in Cleveland 9 9

Hillary's Gurney: Hospital Bed on Standby at Clinton Rally

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above photo is from Infowars on September 9th, at the Cleveland rally, where she had her coughing fit, which started the last round of her medical collapses. The reason I am featuring this from Paul Joseph Watson is the rumors today that Hillary Clinton disappeared again today and something was missed in the above photo.

This is as of new reports from Ed Klein in his Guilty as Sin book to be released tomorrow, that Mrs. Clinton has a heart with a leaky valve, which throws the beat out of rhythm. This is something which requires open heart surgery and replacement of that valve. In her condition, it would be doubtful she would survive as she is a bleeder on medications and is having immense problems with her brain function.

Now to the above photo which were missed? 

Do you see two things which are red warning lights?

I will not waste your time as Wikileaks is supposed to add more damning evidence tonight in another document release, so this is what is wrong in the above and what it means.

The first EMT has blue gloves on. EMT's do not put on the blue gloves, unless they are treating someone. This means that Hillary Clinton was examined and treated by this EMT, meaning that Hillary Clinton collapsed in Cleveland Ohio from her coughing fit and was treated, to the extent her bodily fluids were avoided by this EMT, as that is why the EMT has the gloves on.
We know for absolute certainty that Mrs. Clinton was off her feet, because the gurney is in an upright position. They are never transported in this position. I do not state that Mrs. Clinton was laying down propped up, as the white sheet covering is not mussed, but Mrs. Clinton was on that gurney sitting and being treated.

Now for the next reality, this event was so excitable, that the EMT's overlooked placing this bed into transport position, due to a quick evacuation of that site in following up the Clinton convoy. This projects out to these EMT's were expecting the Clinton convoy before it left the airport on her new 737, to be requesting emergency response, and the gurney was left in the up position, because they did not want Mrs. Clinton choking to death on her fluids she was coughing from. One never places a coughing patient horizontal as they will choke and it distresses them more in choking them.

This is definite in the above. This is confirmation that Hillary Clinton collapsed in Cleveland. She was treated in emergency response, and the EMT's were in emergency chase mode in their ambulance to the Clinton entourage, as they fully expected Mrs. Clinton to not get off the ground at the airport before she was going to require treatment again for her apparently terminal condition.

We leave this at the above facts which were missed in this is Hillary Clinton's first collapse, and of course there will be others which follow, and probably have taken place since 9 11.