Monday, October 3, 2016

See Something, Shut Your Mouth

In another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I one of the American world wars, there was a maxim of LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS, as Rosie the Riveter could not keep her mouth shut in telling spies what ship she was working on, when it would be completed and when it was leaving port.
There was an entire Spanish and German espionage ring in America and operating out of Mexico.

I have been pondering this as of this week in the influence this blog has been blessed with in I have noticed a number of Alt Right leaders coming to the conclusion of what this blog explained in Donald Trump does actually know what he is doing and accomplishing it very well.
My reason for projecting this reality was to settle the voters down, as they believe everything a lying media tells them, and those insiders like Joel Skoursen are always telling Donald Trump what he needs to do, and yet Donald Trump is winning by not doing what the experts told him. The fact is, the only time Donald Trump's polling slowed is when he put Paul Manafort in charge of the campaign, doing the things which the experts just knew would gain victory.

My reason for writing this is for my fellow primates to slow down a little bit, as we are in a media where the scoop of the sexy news is what gets the headline for the day, and it makes people think this is a competition and now that everyone thinks they know what Donald Trump is doing, those same posts are being read by the Clinton campaign to formulate strategy.
I told all of you that I knew what would trigger Donald Trump. You have heard the psychological experts all tell you that attacking Fred Trump would trigger Mr. Trump as Hillary Clinton attempted, and it did not work any more than the experts who knew that calling Donald Trump a "loser" that this would cause a meltdown. I am not going to confirm anything in this, but to state the obvious  in those plots by Mrs. Clinton did not work, as Donald Trump was in complete control of his emotions in that debate.

I desire to explain something in I know things, many things, but I do not post them, even though I always am open and honest with each of you in this blog. I do not post things which would harm Mr. Trump, even if it would generate hits and push this blog to the next level, because there is something most important in this, and that is stopping the American Genocide. Donald Trump is the only one who will do this and it is selfish and absolutely small for any primate to post things which would hamper what Mr. Trump is accomplishing by God's Grace.

Information is a two sided coin of heads you win and tails you lose. My posting things here has convinced numerous writers of the legitimate brilliance of Donald Trump. This is being common knowledge now, and Mr. Trump is taken seriously and not being underestimated. That profile helps and hurts, because it is more difficult now to trigger those diploma geniuses in the press and politics, but at this point a chorus of belief that Donald Trump is 1000 years ahead of Hillary Clinton in this game is a plus. So to settle the troops down so they believe and are not stampeded the fact was posted here, and this is now a growing realization which negates the press attempting to be more careful, as their ridiculous rants on Clinton spin will be all the more disregarded by the People.

I would hope that people would not slow down, but instead not reveal everything they can add to a subject, as the leaders in this have proven already they are quite intelligent already. It would be better unless Mr. Trump signals something to be promoted for each of us to drive with more energy on Hamrod to reveal her crimes and sickness. I am going to post on this hopefully, as something Strangelove has been taking place with the stories attempting to divert from Mrs. Clinton's augmented contact lenses.

All of us, and that includes me, as I weigh how far I will post on subjects an what I will reveal, need to do this, because one headline that helps the Clinton's is doing only harm to all of us.

Each of us must focus not on what our General is doing, but be sappers in the wire, cutting one more strand in the enemies lines. After this week, it will be almost impossible for Hillary Clinton to be forced off the ticket or for her to generate enough surge for an October Surprise. We are very close in this and our General, Mr. Trump knows what he is doing and we do not need to explain the details, but only to reinforce that we have the genius in this race and all of the always experts do not have a clue what Mr. Trump is accomplishing as Hillary Clinton is operating from the Age of Dinosaur politics.