Monday, October 3, 2016

stronger together

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had this question tonight and I was absolutely stunned by the content of the letter as it absolutely floored me in the information in it.

I'm getting off topic, again your blog today about your "walk talk" was exactly what has been gnawing at me. Is hillghazi a rigged done deal?

First the important part in TL messages people on Facebook, and showed me a picture of this Lady at the beach recently, and I thought, "Ok, she is a young gal."
In the note she mentioned her age which I will not reveal, but I seem to hear from quite a few Christian Ladies who suffer from Sarah Syndrome. For those who do not know what that is, it is Biblical Women in the Bible of course who end up being taken into Pharaoh's house or some King's house, because they are babes when most women are ..........well put it this way they look like Hillary Clinton.

There is something about being a Christian which is remarkable in how attractive they are.

I was asked if I was 62  or older though, but that is not the first time someone thought I was older than Gunsmoke...........think that assessment also included me being and old guy.

Any way now that the perplexing thing is done or at least addressed as I can not believe how gorgeous Christians are, I will answer the question.

The reason I bring up about rigged elections and how it is being done, is to make it an issue, so the public is educated and in the majority will never accept a stolen election. That is what Mr. Trump is making known, so this stops those behind it, and has them accept his landslide victory in working out a deal with his Administration.
There has been vote fraud in America for almost a generation. We need to stop being suckered in thinking elections are legitimate and once the results come out, that we put the chains on us. We must wait for Donald Trump's leadership in what he decides as our President Elect and support him 100%.

I am not going to go into details in this other than the Hillary factor has the election rigged, the vote spread already cast and the outcome from top to down for the police state. Donald Trump has his own connections and workings. Your part is vital in voting and getting people to vote, as there is a Trump landslide in America. He is double digit ahead in the real polls. Do your job in voting and Donald Trump will do his job.

That is about all of that .........except it appears that Wikileaks is about something entertaining, perhaps for your listening enjoyment involving something about Huma and Hillary.

Stuff like this is what people remember, not the criminal stuff.

Charles saying he wanted to be Camilla's tampon - Mail Online

Phone lines were tampered with at a house where Prince Charles is believed to ... Camilla's lovenest was bugged, ... his lover that he wanted to be her "tampon".

How is that off topic.......and no I am not saying it is a H & H sex tape.