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The 1995 Clinton Tax Code for Donald Trump

 While American burns and Donald Trump tries to save the USA
in Paris, Barbara Bush fundraises with Huma Abedin for Hillary Clinton
as the New York Times commits felonies concerning Donald Trump's taxes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In an envelope mailed from Trump Tower, the New York Times embarked with Mexican interests to invade Donald Trump's privacy in publishing a 20 year old tax document from 1995. What the Times will not point out is the fact that this was the Bill and Hillary Clinton Tax Code, which was designed to build a bubble that ended in the Dotcom Bust.
If anyone is to blame for the crushing implosion which Donald Trump and other entrepreneurs faced in the 1990's, it was Bill and Hillary Clintons fault. That is why Mr. Trump faced an almost 1 billion dollar loss, as it all began in Bill Clinton passing a retroactive tax, demanding people pay taxes on money they already paid taxes on. It was this record taxing of Americans which George W. Bush after 9 11 dumped back into the US economy to save it from a global depression, which it was already in a recession from Clinton tax hikes.

This has to be understood as Rush Limbaugh railed on this for years during this period, where Bill and Hillary Clinton were really going to soak it to the rich. The problem is the Clinton taxes struck yacht builders and these types of industries which sold to wealthy people. When the Clinton's taxed yachts, it caused rich people to stop buying boats and  the poor working people in America were fired, because no one was buying boats any more.

That is the reality of the Trump losses in, Mr. Trump was investing heavily in the Reagan expansion which was still operational under HW Bush. With the Clintons though came the reality of a redistribution of wealth, and the attempt to make Atlantic City the Las Vegas of the east was crushed, when the Clinton's took office and destroyed most people's retirement in the Dotcom Bust.

To explain the Clinton Tax Code which Mr. Trump was saddled with as he fought off insolvency as did numbers of companies driven offshore by the Clinton economic implosion, is to understand taxes as they are.

Any business can deduct Double Depreciation on something they buy. Most people do this when they purchase a new vehicle, so that the 30,000 does not come off in one year, but is double depreciated out usually in 5 years.
So you use this on large items, as any farmer does, as anyone in construction does, as anyone who requires a computer. NOW UNDERSTAND THIS which the Times will not tell you as they try this class warfare stuff again, in when you need a pipe fixed in your home from plumber, do you want to pay 300 dollars or 100 dollars?
I explain it this way, if the plumber did not have the tax deductions on his new pick up, taking off his taxes, he would not have the money to pay them or live on, and in order to fix your pipe he would have to charge you 300 dollars to 100 dollars.

The damning thing in the Trump 1995 Clinton Tax Code is not the taxes not paid, but the record deflation in property and the debt a Bill Clinton economy created which literally evaporated a billion dollars in personal wealth in a year. That is the same tax code which Hillary Clinton is bringing back with her trillion dollars in new taxes. Do not lose sight of that reality as that is the most vital part of this, in the Clinton Wall Street bubble helped the rich like Warren Buffett and George Soros, robbed the poor investors in their 401k's wiped out in these fraud damn computer companies of that era, and almost wiped out real American businessmen like Donald Trump.
I am warning all of you when the bubble burst again as Donald Trump has warned is coming next year, the fools who are in the market with Google, Facebook and whatever else is a computer screen, those stocks will implode, and drag down the market of actual companies like Apple and Coke. That is why Mr. Trump  is out of the stock market and has solid investments which will deflate, but not evaporate.

This is the Obama tax code, which is the Clinton tax code, and the same bust is coming again, and while the New York Times with Mexican interest ownership and Hillary Clinton attempt to stir up the ignorant over Donald Trump's taxes, the fact is it was Bill and Hillary Clinton set up this reality of what Donald Trump and you were hemmed in and robbed in Clinton taxes.

What is being missed in this, is Donald Trump personally gauranteed with his own money, almost a billion dollars in over 3 billion in debt caused by the Clinton economy. No one in business does this, as it makes paupers out of the rich, but Mr. Trump stands behind his business and that means his personal finances are involved too. Do not miss that, nor do not miss the fact that the reasons shares plunged and contractors were waiting to be paid, was because of Bill and Hillary Clinton ruining the economy, not Donald Trump.

The following must be explained, because most will be sucked in by envy and forget they are doing the same thing. Yes most of you have interest on money in  the back, and you never report it and when the time comes for your tax deductions, you take everyone of them, and any money you should be taxed on, you make certain you do not pay taxes on it, because it is your money.

The documents show, for example, that while Mr. Trump reported $7.4 million in interest income in 1995, he made only $6,108 in wages, salaries and tips.

Into this Mr. Trump only had a salary of around six thousand dollars. Meager considering what he was working at, and considering that the Clinton's robbed from him almost a billion dollars that year, Donald Trump .......AND DO NOT MISS THIS, was not like Heidi Cruz and the hedge fund bonus operators, taking millions in salaries and bonuses as the investors lost everything.

In reviewing all of the Donald Trump taxes, he is an honest man, who was almost destroyed like most Americans by Clintonomics, but the testimony of his genius is he found a way to produce income, and that included having to get an outside job on NBC, in order to produce a marketing strategy to promote Trump industries, while Warren Buffett corporate raided plastic companies in Ohio, closed them down and shipped jobs to India.

The reality in this is  the New York Times committed another criminal act. First they were babying Jeb Bush and now running interference for sick old Hillary Clinton. The reality is Donald Trump is honest, filed his taxes, and survived Clintonomics, so that Trump industries is now solvent, is producing golf courses, hotels (spray painted by Black Lives Matter) and employing tens of thousands of people with good jobs. While the New York Times paid no taxes in 2014, and Hillary Clinton's foundation has been swindling a billion dollars a year from the poor, because that is why Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Bill and Hillary Clinton have foundations, so they can live like kings, embezzle money and not pay taxes.

The foundation of Donald Trump are the buildings of Trump investments. The foundation of Hillary Clinton is a personal charity which is nothing but a money laundering racket protected by James Comey of the FBI.

- Lame Cherry

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