Thursday, October 20, 2016

From Dussledorf with Love

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is more of an educational note, as if you ever happen to notice in your social media or public emails, that you start having odd ads appear which do not make sense, as in German Airliner ads, it means that someone has hacked into your account, and the bots have catalogued the hacker to the exact place they are operating from.

I suspect that some creative individual connected to Wikileaks decided to have a look around. I really do not mind as I get all kinds of NSA, Homeland, FBI and whatever are interested in a Prophetess, but they usually do not leave tracks.

I appreciate hackers as they are talented and do not harm anything, as they have no police state to knock on your doors.  Hackers simply need to be aware that when prodding around Lame Cherry, that they are being watched by that police state which will appear at their doors and make use of them.

Dusseldorf. I am thinking of Black Forest cake with cherries, and some wonderful roast beast dishes that Jack Lambert would of course devour.
It is appropriate to thank Ulrich on his fine observation about some nattering I posted here. He is such an intelligent soul who gives the title intellectual it's proper place.

Now you can know a sign if you have been visited as ads should mirror what you shop and where you have been, and not the people who are in your accounts.