Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton's ends do not justify her criminal means

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After watching Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton so soundly in the debate, there is something I am hesitant to bring up, but with all the information now appearing on the Rense site, over how much Hillary Clinton cheated, and with Lester Holt, the moderator admitting in a reversal that he and Mrs. Clinton were colluding, this simply must be addressed.

You see there are FCC rules. No I do not mean FEC as in Federal Election Commission rules, but in Federal Communication rules which Hillary Clinton violated as that magic podium she was flying seems to have been wired with more high tech equipment than NASA. 

Pirate Broadcast Stations | Federal Communications Commission

Pirate Broadcast Stations. ... or operate a radio station, the Communications Act requires that you first ... FCC enforcement actions against pirate radio by ...

There honestly are reports with evidence that the podium Mrs. Clinton had, had a "glow" to it as if it had some type of teleprompter, communication or medical device on it. Besides the cordless mic which people noticed down her back which made her look like a Stegosaurus, there is the matter of Mrs. Clinton's augmented contact lenses, her apparently neo medications which probably not FDA  approved for the market, which makes them illegal, and the crux of all of this in there are FCC rules about being an unlicensed television, radio and electronic signal podium. Mrs. Clinton appears to have been a literal telecommunications company, without the company and without the license.

Broadcast license - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A broadcast license is a ... Many options exist when applying for a broadcast license; the FCC ... (e.g. CB radio), the public may use spectrum without a license.

That of course makes it all illegal, as only the FBI in Stingray can grab personal data from Americans using satellite and towers, and Mrs. Clinton certainly did not have this kind of Homeland authority or for that matter her own warrant to break all debate regulations.

See in a debate, you can not cheat. That is a rule. You can not augment yourself, you can not bring notes, you can not have a cell phone or be wired up like NASA. Little alone it being cheating, there are rules in this about hijacking frequencies so you can broadcast your signals for which other companies have paid for them.

In addition to this, Mrs. Clinton was not just using a quartz radio crystal here. This stuff is all high tech and pre market. For Homeland regulations, you simply can not have slipped into your pocket 22nd century technology to rig a debate, just because you are sick old woman owned by the oligarchs who own the companies. There is national security in this, and we definitely have an issue here of Hillary Clinton violating numerous federal regulations.

Mrs. Clinton violated FEC rules by cheating in a debate.

Mrs. Clinton violated FCC rules by being her own telecommunications syndicate.

Mrs. Clinton violated the National Security in having equipment which would advance American enemies if it was donated into their hands for Clinton Foundation donations.

So this is much larger than James Comey in the FBI Director covering up for Clinton syndicate Emailgate crimes. This now involves numerous federal agencies from national security, federal communication and federal elections.

Sincerely, Lester Holt by his breaking the public trust, now puts CNBC into billions of dollars in fines, his own prison time, and NBC's broadcast license being seized by the FCC, and in fairness this should be awarded to the Trump corporation, where a new division in the public trust would take over NBC from Obama non tax paying General Electric.....(home to very high tech government funded devices Mrs. Clinton had access to.) and NBC will become Trump Television. CNBC with become TNBC in cable. Only in this fairness will this be a proper judgment for the Trump family.

We now have evidence and we now have charges of the crimes of Hillary Clinton, which involve several branches of government, and she has put America into jeopardy by cheating.

Hillary Clinton's ends do not justify her criminal means.

- Lame Cherry

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