Saturday, October 1, 2016

Why America Needs Donald Trump

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As you probably missed this, your Republicans have been busy (not Ted Cruz for some reason) in dinkering with Obamacare, which of course is worthless as unless a veto overriding majority is present with Democrats, none of this intrusion on Americans is going to fix a thing.

There are two GOP groups:

Group 1:

Three weeks ago, Senators Tom Cotton, Ben Sasse, Ron Johnson, Jeff Flake, and John McCain introduced legislation saying that if there's only one Obamacare plan available in your area, the federal government can't compel you to buy that plan against your will. You are exempt from the individual mandate. (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has yet to bring this presumably popular legislation, which now has 16 cosponsors, up for a vote.)

This absolutely worthless piece of legislation does nothing, because the regime can add some flier in a pen stroke making emergency coverage, so back into rationed death the few who escaped go.

Group 2:

Subsequently, Senators Lamar Alexander, Thad Cochran, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, Ron Johnson, John Barrasso, Kelly Ayotte, and David Perdue introduced legislation saying that governors—not state legislatures, curiously—could decide to expand the use of the subsidies that Obamacare pays to insurance companies. In states that have at least one county where only one exchange plan is offered, governors could decide to let such taxpayer-funded subsidies be used outside of Obamacare's exchanges, as well as inside of the exchanges (where they must now be used). (The governors' actions would also void the individual mandate in those states.)

This money laundering is taking from Obama cronies and giving to Big Koch cronies, in no one escapes, but all get their pockets picked.

If the GOPliter GOP was interested in saving Americans, as Donald Trump is, the bill which should be passed is simple in Obamacare Poverty Care Waiver.

The Waiver is simple in it makes permanent the current Obamacare waivers, with the Constitutional provisions of Americans who are under economic stress, religious inclinations and poverty below 50,000 dollars are released from the tax mandate, because no one can be made to pay taxes if they do not have the funds.

Trying to dink and dank this or to reward a new group of cronies is such persecuting Americans in new ways, as they need a first way to not be put into this rationed death gulag. That is the leverage for the election in the right of poor and stressed Americans, in being liberated from Obama tax.
Make Obama veto his legacy and Democrats veto Obama to save their seats, and then pass the simple solution with President Trump, in Americans do not have to participate in something they do not want to.

That is all Americans, every American wants, and that is to not be made to do something they do not want to do.For those who want Obamacare, then make it like Medicaide and make it cheap and not covering every mosquito bite there is. Protect people from catastrophic illness, and put this all behind us.

It simply is a reality that Americans can not in this Obama Super Depression, be made to cough up five thousand more dollars they do not have, for coverage they are not using, and that money could be used to buy homes and get this economy moving again.