Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Mark Of Kaine: The 10 4 Collapse


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The disaster of not picking Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren reared it's ugly head in the Vice Presidential "debate" with Tim Kaine,  literally proving to Republicans that there is something worse than Hillary Clinton and to Democrats proving that the Clintons have no ability in picking Vice Presidents who are not crack ups.

In all the years of America, there never was an issue of a Vice President terrifying voters enough to not vote for the head of the ticket, but that all changed with Tim Kaine. This creepy, rude, strange man now has cemented the issue of Hillary Clinton going toe tag, in everyone is worried not about that event, but about Tim Kaine being President.

What reared it's ugly head at the Vice Presidential debate was a man who looked like he would not only welcome a 3 AM call, but make it himself, so that he could fire nuclear missiles at the Pillsbury Dough Boy, if nothing else was available for Tim Kaine to attack.

Before this debate, I had thought Tim Kaine was just a sort of boring sock puppet chosen by Bill Clinton to hand orders to. During this debate, I was reminded of having a frothing, snapping, rabid junk yard mongrel in my face, barking such a din that you could feel the concussion waves with each snap.
It dawned on me as this debate closed, that it was like ripping scabs off, and all I can now think of is the scars of the Clinton failures, are now in the hands of a man who reminds me of the lunatic who bites heads off of rats to terrify the crowd.

Tim Kaine is unsettling and it amplifies all the more with every last heartbeat of Hillary Clinton. I honestly do not want this man around nuclear weapons, children, pets or even Hillary Clinton, as I am now wondering if Hillary will have to hide the pillows if Tim comes for a visit or she will find him help suppress her cough with one to the face until she expires.

I realize in political spin that over the top is attempted far too often, but with Tim Kaine's over the top appearance, the word NUTS is just what it all renders down to. If this was a bad movie, one would suspect that Tim Kaine is the one sucking the life force out of Hamrod Clinton.

Hillary Clinton's mark of Kaine is disturbing and it is going to haunt her every step. Hillary Clinton had her 9 11 collapse and on 10 4 she had a campaign implosion and Tim Kaine was the suicide bomber.

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