Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kainenstein's Monster: The Clinton Creation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When  consider the disaster which Tim Kaine brought to the Democratic party, compared to what kind of debate Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren would have contended with against the victorious Mike Pence, it goes to the heart of the matter of Team Clinton, for what you saw in Tim Kaine was the collaborated work of:

John Podesta
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Tim Kaine

No one has mentioned this, but the Tim Kaine all of us witnessed was the way he was for this reason:

1. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have lost the election and had to go on this vitriolic attack in an attempt to try and turn this around.

2. Tim Kaine had the immense burden put up on him, to be the exact opposite of being the enerigizer rabid bunny of life,  to offset sick old dying Hamrod Clinton.

Those are the two key points in this which matter and no one has mentioned. The fact is a campaign goes negative as Hillary Clinton cheated in doing, and the campaign negative in being insane like Tim Kaine, because they have lost and the real polling shows it.

Hillary Clinton has been so toe tag, so it fell to Tim Kaine to manifest as this Frankenstein monster, whose main assembled parts was to recite talking points like a cyborg from Terminator, to interupt rudely Mike Pence over 70 times, and to simply lie, lie, lie.

Tim Kaine, literally sounded like a George Soros tabloid in the ridiculous things he was spewing out. This was like sitting around with a bunch of stoned lesbians, in the throws of PMS insanity in twisting everything Donald Trump said, as some vindictive female in divorce court accusing her husband of every epitaph ever dreamed up in a deranged nightmare.
That is the fact in this, in Tim Kaine is not the nightmare candidate but the NIGHTMIRE candidate as he was mired in the muck of some cesspool which is what has overthrown the Democrat and Republican parties in America.

Honest to God, listening to Tim Kaine was like listening to the Aleppo moments of Gary Johnson on speed dial. There was absolutely no semblance of reality in Kaine.

That is the troubling point in this, is Tim Kaine looked like he was hyped on uppers, but he was not. His eyes were glinting and flashing, his face was glowing and he was enjoying being insane. Tim Kaine enjoyed what he was doing, and that is what is what is most troubling in this, is because when he was a Neocon he seemed to be somewhat Rockefeller Republican, but what appeared to his delight at the debate was something out of touch with reality that has believed everything Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi has been shrieking about for decades.

Frankly, I am still stunned about this entire performance, because I have never witnessed a Vice Presidential candidate so degrade the stage and office, and so wipe out the top of the ticket. This is all relevant to the point in Hillary Clinton's case as she is a dying old woman and who is waiting for the harvest of the grim reaper, but Tim Kaine.........and he is like some Saturday Night character sketch of what kind of creepy loon John McCain was portraying of himself.

For some reason, 'make yourself look alive compared to dead Hillary', became in Tim Kaine's mind, "look psycho to look like you want everyone dead like Hillary'. How that disconnect took place, with Tim Kaine performing in preparation, Bill and Hillary looking on and John Podesta directing this all, is something for the archives of the FBI forensic psychology division as a teaching aid to sociopathic studies.

Do not miss this point, what the world witnessed in Tim Kaine is AFTER weeks of preparations. the Tim Kaine you saw and were disgusted and repulsed by is the finished product with the stamp of approval of Hillary Clinton.
It honestly in a forensic psychological evaluation of this event, appears something along the lines that Hillary Clinton was playing the role of the ugly cheerleader in  High School, and as she could not beat the star player in Donald Trump, that she conned the greasy pervert kid who kept pet rats at home to go out and beat up the star's little brother, but neglected to figure out to not do it in front of witnesses.

That is the only plausible explanation for this, in Hillary Clinton and John Podesta created Kainenstein's Monster and Tim Kaine tapped into something so disturbing in his good Catholic boy psyche as it is something he has been looking to unleash as he has admired baalzebub since the nuns were slapping his hands since Catholic school.

All of this has proven the point that Donald Trump knows how to choose the best people in Mike Pence was his first Presidential decision, and in all of this, Mike Pence seemed to be like Daniel in the Lion's den, being thrown in with an insane predator, as the CBS moderator poked the creature with sticks and cheered at the spectacle of the Neo Roman Games of sacraficing Christians to the wild beasts.

Mike Pence had an impossible job of keeping his composure with a lunatic clown on his right, which reminded me of those poor women in Church with spawn of satan children who will not behave and sit their stoically knowing this will all be over in 90 minutes.

All normal people are assured that this is what the Clinton Kaine duo wanted to portray and they did it to whatever demons were let loose in their souls. It was not something in the least that civilized people want. It is troubling to think that with Hillary Clinton facing her meeting with the funeral service of her scripting that Tim Kaine is going to replace her. I will say this again, as bad as Hillary Clinton is, Tim Kaine is absolutely a thousand time worse in nuts and he is not someone any normal person wants around nuclear buttons, directing armed groups of the police state or negotiating with Vladimir Putin.
Seriously after last night, what is Tim Kaine going to do with Vladimir Putin? Go into meltdown and chew off his face and howl at the lamp in the corner of the room?

Tim Kaine is Kainenstein's Monster and Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and John Podesta harvested the darkest parts of their souls to construct this creature which they hope to turn loose on America and the world.

All of us should be worried, very worried with Hillary Clinton's condition, because Tim Kaine is not Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. He is more like Gary Johnson not on a perpetual bad trip, but on a Tim Kaine evil trip.